Yay for a new cozy space.

I know I’ve said this about 80 times before, BUT! Today I actually sat down, picked my color schemes and attributes that I wanted for my website, and we sat down and started designing/coding it! HOOORAY! I am so excited, because frankly I’ll be happy to be surrounded by warm colors that I’ve picked out. I don’t like using other people’s templates… even though I always go in and change the code around, I’m a little limited in what I can do without changing the whole entire thing. It’s about half way done now, so I’m assuming that by tomorrow night or the next day it should be up. I have MORE exams coming up (because they never stop) so while I won’t be able to formulate a post of interest, I will have a new design up. Ummm the only thing other than that is my about page deal, but I posted that yesterday. My links were a little unclear on the last layout. They should be easier to find here. Also! That slider I was using on the last layout is JQuery and it will be integrated into my new webpage. YAY! I’m so excited!! That is all.