Life Block- where’s the inspiration?

WARNING: this is not going to be cohesive at all. Can’t think.

It seems like I’ve been getting writer’s block frequently. I haven’t been on here to update much (been busy writing elsewhere, working, etc) and I know that my poor site is losing its fun.

I APOLOGIZE! So here’s something I managed to conjure up about the very problem that I’m having. Writer’s block solved? Perhaps.

I’ve noticed that a big part of writer’s block is something I like to call “life block.” When you’re stuck in the same routine- wake, breakfast, work, home, dinner, gym, sleep. How can you be inspired to write if you’re going through your day almost like a robot? I’ve been noticing that I have no time [or, I guess, no energy when I do have time] to read interesting articles (hi! I love science!) or find things that are out of the normal to get my brain back in action.


I’ve become pretty normal lately. No piercings (trust me, I was a big fan of my lip piercing but unfortunately jobs were not) no fun hair colors, no new tattoos, no extreme sports. This is part of life block. Sometimes we need to find inspiration in unlikely places to inspire ourselves.

I haven’t had much time to appreciate art, to listen to music I love… it’s just been “go go go and go fast” that I’ve been losing out on the little things lately.

When you’re stuck in a rut, your mind just kind of thinks about the same things- I’m always thinking about clients, or work projects, or deadlines, or money, or bills or sleep. All of this makes my brain turn to mush and kind of kills my creative side.

I’m really struggling to write this, as we speak, which is pretty amazing because I used to be able to write 1 or 2 posts a day about everything and anything.

But when you’re not trying new things, or reading new things, or doing things that are abnormally stimulating to your brain, you just run out of ideas and creativity. Or, at least, I do. I’ve been just going through the motions, and even in this post, just writing things in such a sterile and un-engaging way. WHAT THE HELL, LIFE?

Life shouldn’t be about “just the facts”, life should be fiery and crazy, unexpected and exciting. But I guess life slows down when you get into your mid 20’s and you start acting responsible and doing what’s in your best interests. Just because life slows down, it doesn’t mean you need to as well.

It’s taking some time and reorganization but since the boy is finishing up school this month, we’re finally going to have time to explore, play and do fun things- some stress will be lifted :)

Since my industry requires me to be be online for what I do, I’ve been taking some time at the end of the day to kind of “unplug”… well, in the internet aspect anyway. We’ve been watching movies, TV (never watched too much TV before but lately it seems like all my favorite shows are on during the same month… not that I’m complaining), trying to cook some amazingly awesome stuff (and only slightly failing), spending more time at the gym, taking long walks.

I’ve been trying to get back into physically writing- keeping a notebook of dreams, thoughts, drawings, whatever, to just get myself off the habit of relying on electronics to get everything done during the day. I think this is another reason why I’m having trouble writing. I used to do all my planning on paper (planners, journals, action method, post its) and for a brief period of time I moved into an online calendar, Evernote, etc.

Being reconnected to actual pen and paper is helping me split up my thought process, and maybe it’s the first step to getting back and recapturing my creative side.

Moral? I need to surround myself with art and music asap to lift my mind to higher levels and kick out the everyday that’s cluttering it… and pretty much kick Life’s ass :)