What would you do for (no… not a klondike bar) an Apple iPad?

Hello! First order of business-

GeekSugar is running this contest right now that I know about 99% of you apple lovers want to participate in. How many of you are secretly lusting and drooling over the new Apple iPad? I know I am. Who really wants to wait in line or has the extra money to spend on one? I know I don’t.


Ladies and gentleman, brought to you compliments of GeekSugar! If you want to win a 64gb 3-G enabled Apple iPad [image credit: geeksugar], with a value of $829, make sure you follow GeekSugar on twitter. After you’re following them, copy and paste this entire tweet (don’t forget the hashtag!) while answering the question to qualify!

To win an iPad, I’d _________. RT @geeksugar http://ow.ly/13czw #geekipad

Make sure it’s something completely outrageous! The giveaway is only going on until February 16th so make sure to hop on twitter and tweet your little hearts out! If you would like to see the whole post from geek sugar you can find that here. Nothing is better than free awesome technology!

You can see what I put by visiting me on twitter- @esvienne. Who knows, you (or I) might just be the winner!!

Second order of business!

The first day of my life unplugged (Monday) actually went really well! I was off the computer around 6…only because I had to come on and get a recipe to cook something delicious to support my unplugged life. I actually started to write a post also (to keep up with my “1 post a day” rule…even though I was out of my time jurisdiction..) but WordPress was being stubborn and giving me errors. I managed to pass out at 11, as opposed to 2 am, and wake up super early! It was glorious! Yesterday was a different story though. I had so much stuff to do on and off that I ended up being online until 10 pm. I KNOW!!!!! I’m breaking my own rules!!! I’m so bad. I deserve a slap on the risk and a “FOR SHAME!!!” Today will be better though. I have to be in Tampa early tomorrow to move more stuff into the house as well as go to a job interview that I’m very excited for!!! 6 am is going to come quickly.

As always, you can reach me at selena.vidya@esvienne.com or follow me on twitter @esvienne.