Thanks, Social Media, For the Play by Play on EVERYTHING.

This is a lame title- completely aware.

I was noticing last night (as I said on Twitter) that I was literally getting the play by play on everything that happened during the Grammys. Who was winning, who was losing, who was performing, who sucked, who came in an egg (jesus) and I’m pretty sure that it took all possible excitement away that I could have derived from watching the Grammys.

Note: Before you tell me to get offline then, realize that I was working and needed to be online. There really was no way to avoid seeing anything.

Remember when we were younger? And we didn’t have a social network to tell us the happenings on award shows, movies, TV series and sports events? When we would get SO EXCITED to see these, that we would actually plan the night around it? (Well, don’t know about you, but I did. My mom loved the Grammys.)

Now it seems like there isn’t even really a point to watching these things. Even if I wanted to hold off and watch it because I was busy, I can’t. Or at least, my fun is foiled because everyone and their mother has inadvertently told me what happened already.

This is just a little bit of what I found out without even turning on the TV:

  • I knew Lady Gaga arrived in an egg (and had a ball reading all the comments about it) and on this same note, I heard everyone possible talking about the new single released the other day (which wasn’t that great). I remember a time when we got off our asses early in the morning, lined up at Coconuts for the release of a new CD… no leaked songs… no antics…. nobody knew what to expect… we just waited because we were fans. It wasn’t as easy as just “clicking a button” and the anticipation and excitement was so much higher.
  • I knew Justin Bieber didn’t win the award he wanted to (and was upset), but he did perform with Usher.
  • Eminem dropped the F bomb and it didn’t get censored when performing with Dr. Dre (YEAH!! Love this)
  • Rihanna had on a flaming red dress.

And more. So will I watch the Grammys when it airs again? Probably, but really only for the performances since there’s no point in wondering who won at all.

So now, of course social media makes it more fun for those who are watching. You could follow the #Grammys hashtag and see what others are saying throughout the show and even follow those (like little Bieber) who were tweeting before and after the show.

With the Super Bowl, I was online monitoring a few hashtags to hear what was going on around the commercials and it made it exponentially better. It was exciting.

So before you tell me I’m lame, realize that I understand what social media brings to the table, and I’m super glad that we have it to converse with others during these shows. But ALSO realize how effing annoying it is for those who haven’t yet watched something.