quick explanation

so I realize I’ve been doing a lot of updating and changing to my webpage, and since I’m new to this I’m encountering a ton of problems. I switched back to this theme (as you probably noticed) but it is only temporarily. The problem is that this other page that I’ve been editing some code for and making my own page out of needs to have sidebars defined in order for any of those things I have on the side of THIS preset theme to work. Since I’m attempting to edit it all myself I have to figure out how on earth to get that working.

Also, I have to figure out how to put in “previous” and “next” buttons. On this theme (that is NOT currently displayed) I have each post listed in order so you can click them until I can learn the buttons. It’s all PHP, and when I took a web design course it was still all html/xhtml and CSS so I’m learning as I go. ANYWAY! I just wanted to update you and tell that I am indeed finally working on my own customized layout. It will be up sometime before the turn of the century.

You probably noticed the flash intro I have going on, where the left side is my portfolio and the right side takes you to my blog. I love it, and it’s a nice touch, but the problem is that in order to have that show up as my main page, I have to set it as my static page. (Because really, it’s too annoying to restructure my webpage so that I can have an initial page… I believe it requires moving all my wordpress files around and that takes for effin EVER!) That also means that each time I write a new post I have to go back into the flash and change where it’s directing the URL and all that crap. So we’ll see what direction I take this I guess. But for nowwwwwww I am extremely proud of how pretty my introduction page looks :) The gallery is functional too. Also! In case you haven’t followed the news, Blagojevich has now been impeached!