Robots, Australians and Didjeridoos, oh my!

Okay sooo. I wasn’t going to write anything tonight because I haven’t really looked through my new magazine that came today, but I came across this on that was pretty freaky looking. 1) Because robots are doing housework and 2) I’ve always been convinced that robots with artificial intelligence will slowly take over the world. This lovely, beautiful and metal endowed beasts are named “DESIRE” and “Rollin’ Justin”. It’s true. I tell you no lies. See video below and continue reading underneath that.

Pretty much, it replaces a physical person who would stay at an elder person’s house in order to assure that somebody(thing) is there to do difficult tasks.. which clearly consists of throwing out cans and taking out the garbage. Since I STILL don’t feel like writing much tonight, I think I’ll wrap this up. I do have some other nonsensical things on my agenda that I want to discuss though.

NIP/TUCK! Which I just typo-ed as HIP/TUCK! Which… would make sense also I guess. You can tuck hips right? Or would that just be liposuction?? Anyway- The season finale was on Tuesday night and it was WEIRD. I’ve been watching the show for years and it was weird enough to make me THINK it was weird. Nip/Tuck is already a really strange show, so you can imagine what went on in the finale. I won’t tell you what happens (who knows if you still have to watch it?! I refuse to ruin your pre-planned Nip/Tuck night and accost you with details) but please make sure you watch it!

Also! The stamp collector! Has ANYBODY seen that movie? I was thinking about it because I said something about lying up there, and the line from the movie goes like so-

Tommy Tricker- “Ask me a question, and I tellllll you no liiiiies”

It’s from the 80’s I think, ’cause I watched it when I was a kid, but nobody else has seen it! It has the kid who rides on the stamp, and gets kicked around from place to place, and ends up in Australia trying to escape from some Didjeridoo toting crazy Aussie with kangaroos! While that sounds like I’m on some strange hallucinogenic, I assure you that it exists! Anyway. I think I spent too much time today studying. I sound like a maniac. Good night.