Anything you can do, a robot can do better//post-it note love affair

Introducing… the POLARIS prototype!

I love seeing what amazing concepts companies are putting out in regards to anything remotely robot-like. I was fascinated by the little vacuum robot that roams around a room and does the work for you. I was also fascinated by the alarm clock that takes off and flies so you have to actually chase it to turn it off.  Photobucket

THIS, however, is the first robotic creature I’ve seen that could possibly make my life easier, instead of spending its time running into the walls of my house or dragging me out of bed. This prototype, fondly referred to as Polaris, is a cell phone/robotic organizer! A secretary that is white, round and self-navigates on flat surfaces! This nifty little protoype works such that it monitors your behavior via cell phone [who you call, when, your contacts, dates and reminders etc] and extracts all that information when you put the phone into the dock. THEN! It takes that information, communicates with you via TELEVISION [poltergeist, much?] about things you should probably be doing, or to remind you of people you should probably be stalking calling. We also can’t forget the fact that I mentioned it navigates on flat surfaces. What, pray tell, might it be thinking when it does this? I’m not sure. No further info was provided regarding it’s movement… maybe eventually it can be trained to fetch you pens and post-it notes.


I’ve tried EVERYTHING to keep myself organized. We’re talking E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I started with pen and paper…. riddling my desk with post-it notes and various other items inscribed with my silly writing. But then I thought… what is going to remind me to look at the post-its? CAN I REALLY RELY ON THIS SYSTEM!??! So THEN, I started becoming [okay. who am I kidding… I have and always will be] obsessed with organizers/planners. But not those stupid big leather bound ones; I don’t need anything fancy schmancy because the chances of me liking it and using it past a week are slim to none. I know myself too well. I like the normal sized ones that have your week laid out between two pages. There’s enough space to write what you have to do, but not so much space that a whole day takes up half a page. It can fit in my bigger purses. I liked that system. I slowly started getting too lazy to write in there because I was ALWAYS on my laptop, so I figured.. HEY! Why don’t I use THAT???

I started using the calendar feature and realized it was just too annoying to go in there; will I remember to check it anyway? So obviously my next step was… why don’t I use my email? I started writing myself reminder emails and using google’s “task list” and feeling very accomplished! Then my OCD kicked in and I couldn’t deal with having all these emails from myself and not being able to delete them because THEN I would forget to do them! How could I inconspicuously delete these items I swore to do, so as to ease my OCD-like habits, but NEVER do them? What a vicious cycle.

I then progressed to an all in one GT’MF’D [Get Things Mother Effin’ Done] program called “midnight inbox” which is like trying to contain “The Riddler” in a small, compact ergonomic box. You open it, and you unleash hell. Now I’m back to just writing what I have to do on post-it notes and random pieces of paper hoping I remember to look. AND I DO! THAT’S THE GREAT PART!

The moral of that tangent was… maybe I’ll try Polaris. I can always use some assistance with those post its. Although I’m fairly sure if I ignore this little robot when it alerts me about my appointments I might just get robo-kicked in the head. Chuck Norris Style.

I’m still working on my video blog. Don’t hate. I just got over my cold and have some catching up to do. It will be posted this week. As always, you know where else to find me. You might note that I have buttons available below to share this post on other websites [IE: technorati, digg, delicious etc] so please take advantage of it. It’s a pleasure to write when I know it’s enjoyed. THAT IS ALL. Good night.