Someone! Stop that naughty cart!

Okay SO I think I just had my life flash before my eyes. Not really… that’s a wee bit dramatic, but I did have a life threatening experience earlier, and I wish to write about it because words can’t even explain it.

It started out like no other day. I went over to Julie’s house because she got a new pony and had been teaching him how to pull a cart. She’s a fantastic cart driver (she’s been doing it for a long time and worked for a company as well) and the pony was bombproof and has been taken out on the road alot. He’s had everything from motorcycles to wailing police sirens pass him at high speeds and he didn’t so much as flinch. So we hook up the cart… and as we’re hooking it up I had this weird vision. I had this picture flash in my head of the pony flipping out and bucking at the cart. I attributed it to me just being silly, and thought nothing of it. We put her 3-4 year old son on the cart with us and we hop on. We start going out on the road and everything is great. It’s SUPER relaxing to listen to the clip-clop of hooves on pavement. I never feel more at home than when I’m near a horse. People are so inconsiderate when it comes to riding on the road, whether it be actual riding or pulling a cart. This one person drives by a honks at us to wave. Smart. Real Smart. We turn off her street and onto the main road. We’re happily trotting along and everything is fine. We turn around about 1-2 miles away from the house to head back because it was kind of chilly (And by kind of chilly, my new york friends, I mean in the 50’s. BAHAHA).

We’re heading around a curve, trotting pretty fast (since we were on the main road) when this big Mack truck-type vehicle with a long towing bed on it passes us. He slows down, and is VERY considerate, he was creeping along at maybe 30 miles per hour. The back end up his truck ended up hitting some bumps and rattling really loud. The horse had blinders on… wait quick lesson. A horse wears blinders when driving to cut out all the nonsense from his vision. A horse can see a great amount in each direction, due to their immense peripheral vision, so having the blinders on makes them focus solely straight ahead. So anyway- the blinders allowed him to see the truck pass, and pony must not have noticed there was a bed attached. The bed rattled and… all hell broke lose. I am SO not exaggerating.

For anyone who has ever ridden and had a horse flip out all crazy-like.. you know exactly what I’m about to describe. It’s happened to me many times before while riding, but it’s SO different when you’re riding on a cart. Pony’s eyes start rolling in his head and he takes off. He had that googly crazy pony look, and he starts galloping and bucking at the cart. Thank GOD the cart had a metal brace in front of us, separating us from his hooves. He was kicking so hard all we could hear was *clang clang* and I watched his hooves come so close to us. As if that wasn’t scary enough, as we’re flying down a main road, in traffic, on a cart… with us screaming bloody murder, and a little child on board…. he veers off the road into the uneven grass/dirt terrain off the shoulder, next to a pasture with BARBED WIRE. We’re still galloping along behind crazy-googly eyed pony, screaming and pulling on his reins, when he heads straight for a telephone pole. We yank him and he narrowly misses it and the cart gets all wobbly. He keeps taking off and we’re inches away from this barbed wire fence. A horse in barbed wire is a serious problem, once they get tangled up in there, they freak out and keep getting cut and anybody near them is in danger, due to flailing legs and hooves.

Somehow we managed to avoid that, but we hit this huge dirt bump in the middle of the grass that wobbled the cart even more. I was trying to hang on, but at the same time I was pulling on the reins with her, and I ended up flying off the side of the cart by the road. After I flew off, Julie and her son flew off, and I guess the cart ran over her leg, but I didn’t see it. As soon as I hit the ground, I rolled over and took off running down the road screaming after the runaway pony and cart. There were cars stopped, but NOBODY OFFERED TO HELP! I was running like a maniac and the guy who passed us on the road with the truck yelled something to me. I couldn’t hear what he said, and I thought he was going to lecture me about what happened, so I was like “WHAT?!?!?!” and he’s like “HOP IN! I’ll take you to go after the cart!” So I’m watching the pony weave in and out of traffic on the main road and I’m SO AFRAID that I’m going to watch this poor thing get hit by a car, or watch him bust through someones windshield and hurt someone. I hop in and realize I had left julie and her son down the road. I didn’t even have time to think, all I could think about was chasing the pony to make sure he didn’t hurt anyone. We back up to get them and start looking for the horse. We ask people if they saw a pony and cart anywhere here, and the people acted like we were crazy. We figured that he ran to her house, so we go down her long gravel driveway and see tracks. We drive a little further and see her mare (she has a horse as well as the pony) all googly eyed and snorting with her head up (because she hates the cart and it freaks her out) so we knew that he was there. We find him standing by the fence, and the cart was upside down by a tree. The harnesses were snapped. He must have tried to gallop around the tree and got caught, ripping it off. I’m okay, my knee area is kind of swollen but I can walk. Jordon (her son.. THANK GOD is okay, because he flew out too) and Julie is in the hospital because her leg swelled up like a balloon as soon as we went into the house. She’s at the hospital getting a pain shot and x-rays because they think she may have fractured her femur. All in all, it was quite the experience. I’m just glad it wasn’t worse. All I keep thinking about was us running into a car or a car running into us, or us getting thrown into the barbed wire. All that came out of it were broken harnesses, a bruised knee, and a possible fracture. I’d say that’s pretty good. The most important thing is that Jordon (her son) wasn’t hurt. We went back to the grass to find her cell phone that got thrown out as well, and we actually saw how far are tracks were, realizing how fast and far we actually went. I’m guessing pony will be lame tomorrow, due to the fact that he booked like a bat out of hell on a paved road. He will be sore. All this happened by noon! I think my little vision that I had was trying to warn me, but I didn’t tell julie because I figured it was nothing. Jenna also jinxed me, because she said the cart would be naughty. And naughty it was.

I need to clean out my car and tidy up the house now! I also can’t wait to soak myself in a hot bath or shower, now that I’ve gotten the grass out of my hair lol. ALSO! I just heard that Casey Anthony’s brother, Lee, is seeking use immunity in the case?? His lawyer was afraid that he may get pulled under for obstruction of justice, or aiding and abetting during the murder trial. I guess (And how gay is this?!) in the state of Florida, when you are given a subpoena to appear in court as a witness, you are automatically granted use immunity… ummm excuse me, WHAT? Florida is so ass backwards! Not only do their school systems such but their law is all screwy too! In other states you have to fight to get immmunity and get a deal… it’s not just handed out like candy on halloween! BAH! I hate florida.
Bye! Here’s the video by the way-

Hark! Do I hear "life in prison"?

First off- temporarily disabling the flash page. I’m messing around with some things (as I said in a post about… three days ago?? I dunno) So instead, you get to look at this pretty little layout until I get everything sorted out :)

If you’ve been watching the news you probably have heard that they think they know caylee anthony was killed by her mother, Casey. Sources say that she killed with intent and purposefully put duct tape around the little girl’s mouth and killed her, proceeding to dump the body. According to the report, the body was in the trunk for 2 days. They linked the hair from the trunk to the body at the dump site.

The forensics reports also states that the child was killed in JUNE. Mind you, she was reported missing in July. Forensics doesn’t lie, but evidently Casey Anthony does. The time frame is not exact, but even giving possible room for error, the body was still dumped before she was reported missing. I don’t really have much else to say on this. As far as I’m concerned, she’s guilty. She had her chance to be proven innocent and she just kept on acting like a complete sociopath. If I was a criminal prosecutor I would relish in the idea of putting her in jail. They won’t give her the death penalty, they say, because they treat parent/child homicide cases differently then they do regular homicide. I’m assuming because in order to commit homicide on somebody, you would have to really premeditate it. I can kind of see the reasoning, because parents can get extremely frustrated with children.. maybe she had an anger issue and she just couldn’t control herself. Or MAYBE (just MAYBE) she really is a sociopath, which I thought from the beginning, and they will try to plead some sort of insanity or mental illness case. Which is silly. She won’t get out of this, it’s been brewing for too long. Good luck in jail because you won’t ever be driving down the main road outside our neighborhood ever again! Hopefully for life.

The Caylee Anthony case

Small update. If you’ve been following the Caylee Anthony case, then I’m sure you heard that they found a little girl’s skull in a garbage bag that was bound with duct tape 40-60 feet from her grandparent’s/caylee’s mom’s house. The meter man found it, while doing meter-reading stuff and reported it. The area was evidently under water earlier in the search, hence missing it prior to Thursday. The hair color and anthropological measurements are that of little caylee, but they aren’t releasing definite statements yet. They also found more bones in the woods nearby… So sad. What is scary is that the child’s remains were found a few miles down the road from where we live. It makes me sick to even think about it. She’s been charged with 1st degree murder and may be sentenced to life in prison. I hope the little sociopath is.. I knew from the beginning of the case that she had killed her, especially after all the evidence that started coming out. Their house has been entered via search warrant so I suspect we’ll get answers this week once the remains are fully processed.

This was a total damper on my happy little blog, I know. (sorry again Jenna haha this is the second time I’ve ruined your morning with this sick case). But I’ve spent hours being sucked in to the case files and transcripts of her jail coversations etc. It’s hard not to me consumed by a case like this that is going on a few minutes away. My law professor received so many emails in the semester about it and has refused to keep answering any kind of questions. ANYWAY! Now I guess I should invigorate your mind with pleasant thoughts, such as puppies, rainbows, my little pony and the like. Maybe even sunflowers.

I will now return you to your regularly scheduled lives. ’til next time. PS! Told you I would say I’m too busy to write, when indeed, deep down, I knew I would have time :)