Apple sticks it to Adobe!

Apple and Adobe

I’m sure many of you have been following the Apple and Adobe little warfare that’s been going on the past couple of months. It’s really hard to pick sides because both have legitimate points as to why they are concerned with what the other is doing. Steve Jobs has decided to post his reasoning in not allowing Flash on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. I actually think he has very good reasons for not doing so. Then again, you can never trust what’s being said in public from any kind of corporate company.

To summarize what he said, he stated that:

  1. The idea of an “open” system- He stated that while Adobe considers Flash an open system, it’s pretty much closed and proprietary. Flash is ultimately controlled by Adobe and they have rights to do anything with the pricing, features, specs etc. Apple has many closed systems too, however, the HTML5, CSS and Javascript available on their products is open and what they have chosen to adopt over Flash. HTML 5 is a new web standard that both Google and Apple have adopted.
  2. The idea of “full web”- Adobe has made claims that apple products cannot sufficiently view the “full web”, supposedly sacrificing 75% of all video due to their choice to not use flash. This is completely untrue. While there is that big of a percentage in Flash, those videos are also offered in other formats which can be viewed on all Apple Products. Apple products cannot play Flash games, yes, but there are hundreds upon hundreds of games (alot of them free!) that are offered in the app store. Personally, if you’re complaining that you can’t play this ONE flash game because you have an apple product… then I think you need a life or a new hobby.
  3. Security concerns- in 2009, Symantec stated that flash had one of THE worse security records. Apple said that they know first hand that Flash is one of the main reasons why Apple computers crash. So why would they want to put something like that on their iPhones? I mean, I love my iPhone don’t get me wrong, but I’ve had quite a bit of problems with it so I couldn’t imagine what it would be like with Flash employed.
  4. Battery life- Flash is a battery killer! Apparently to get long battery life on devices, the mobile device has to decode videos in hardware and not in software. Apple states,

    Although Flash has recently added support for H.264, the video on almost all Flash websites currently requires an older generation decoder that is not implemented in mobile chips and must be run in software. The difference is striking: on an iPhone, for example, H.264 videos play for up to 10 hours, while videos decoded in software play for less than 5 hours before the battery is fully drained.

  5. The touch screen- generally, Flash was made to be used with a mouse, not with your fingers on a small small screen. Especially if you have big man hands. (Don’t let that statement scare you- I am indeed a girl with dainty little hands…but I’m just saying) Flash websites will probably have to be re-written to be supported by touch devices. This just sounds like a big royal pain in the ass.

Well, I’m actually on my lunch break and I have to get back to the office and finish some work. Sorry to cut this short, but if you’re interested in knowing the full details you can find “thoughts on flash” on the apple website.

I’m a little confused because most Apple users are designers or people in the creative field, and the majority of them use some kind of Adobe product. I’m not taking sides, because I use both Adobe and have an Apple laptop, but I feel like this could cause a major change in how creative people work. We all know how people have their allegiances to products and things.

I saw a unicorn, an elf, and a rumor about a mac tablet.

First let me start off by saying… why is it “a unicorn”? Shouldn’t it be “an unicorn” because it follows the rule of a ‘an’ with a vowel? Why is unicorn so special that is gets an “a” rather than an “an”?? It boggles my mind. Then again, “weird” is a habitual rule breaker too because the rule goes “I before E, except after C”. SO WHAT THE HELL, WEIRD? You should just be locked up in a room with “unicorn” so you can be rebels together.


Now, on to the mythical apple tablet!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a mockup by Piper Jaffray.

cute and quaint, right? right. good for clumsy people? ummmm.. I think not.

Apple is notorious for having conspiracies circling around them like vultures. We always have surprise leak photos, store barcode information, and people who “know things” but can’t tell us how. This tablet idea has been around for a while, and frankly I hope it is true. The tablet, which is rumored to be released in early 2010, supposedly has their touch screen orders in to be fulfilled in late 2009. The size should be between 7-10 inches (large enough to not be a phone, yet small enough to not be a netbook) with a price tag HOPEFULLY between $500-$700 dollars. That’s pretty reasonable for a super awesome apple tablet with touch screen. Somewhat of a ginormous iphone. This should fit into most people’s budgets, seeing as the average netbook price (without all the fancy features of the fabled apple tablet, except the HP tablet) are a few hundred dollars.

It is meant to be primarily used for web surfing, writing, email, digital media (such as youtube and vimeo) and anything else that doesn’t require the power of a laptop. So now, not only will you  be able to facebook and chat your heart out, but you can send funny forwards and emails, twitter to your heart’s content and feed into your youtube/vimeo addiction. Oh yeah, as well as take care of some work email and other “grown up” things, on a screen that is more sufficient to stare at than the I-phone. Don’t get me wrong- the I-phone is great and I love mine, but you know it’s a tad bit too small when you have to squint to determine whether that little dancing machine in the youtube video is male or female. A cell phone company (AT&T? Verizon?) will hopefully subsidize this tablet, so that we can have a constant connection to the interwebs with the built in modem.

I’M EXCITED! by the time is comes out I will be graduated and hopefully have a J-O-B and can buy one! HOORAY! More updates as I see them.

hook up your iphones, kids.

I just happened to plug my dying iphone into my laptop via usb, because it is a battery sucking fiend, and noticed that there was a iphone 3.0.1 update available. Now, I’m not completely sure what this is actually adding, since I installed it and saw no difference, but when I find out I will share. So go update! We can make a game out of it. Who can figure out what was actually changed first wins a cookie. Oatmeal or chocolate chip. Now, if I WIN, I either get thin mints or samoan girl scout cookies. What? There’s nothing unfair about that at all. Didn’t anyone ever tell you the house always wins?!

Random nonsense

a few random things I observed or read today-

  • a pilot died in an airplane taking off from Naples, FL… and a passenger managed to fly/land the plane and everybody was saved. That is clearly awesome, but I also wonder how many more plane accidents will be happening in the near future? It seems there’s been a ton that have either crashed, almost crashed but been saved, had pilots die, or randomly burst into flames. Seriously. I’m beginning to think twice about flying. They still haven’t said what the pilot died of. Just that he “died”. Way to be descriptive, yahoo news.
  • UCF’s parking garage is RIDICULOUS. I tried to get to class close to a half hour early, and spent that time + more attempting to park. And by attempting, I really mean “driving around in circles dodging cars and trying not to get side swiped or crashed into” because a parking garage full of college age students driving in FLORIDA is worse than any other state’s parking garage… regardless of age. I was late for class and watched my lecture from home.
  • I was trying to cook Asparagus the other day to eat with my meal, and somehow I managed to have oil shoot up at me like it was coming out of a rocket launcher, and make little red dots on my arm. They are still there. I hate Asparagus now. Oil as well.
  • Speaking of rocket launchers- I played the new Call of Duty at Emery’s house yesterday and did awesome! If you consider awesome to be shooting at the ceiling and blowing up things I’m not supposed to just for the fun of it. Psssh. Who says those games have to have rules?! it was amusing none the less.
  • I have a new love for Daft Punk! They were good before, but I had pandora playing a station in my car that had a lot of Daft Punk songs, and I now love the song “technologic”. The video is also alarmingly creepy.. ADDED BONUS!!!!  I will spare you details but watch this if you are truly curious. If you thought steven king’s movie “it” was scary… this will most likely creep you out more. Think: little Jigsaw man mixed with Chucky.
  • I don’t know what to make for dinner. I have random pieces here and there of things I can make, but honestly I’m just LAZY. With a capital L. As well as a capital AZY.
  • Jenna’s laptop warranty apparently does not cover terrorism, war or nuclear incidents. So if you own a HP laptop, try to avoid all of those situations if you want to get your laptop repaired… given you are still alive.
  • I dont watch American Idol, but there is hearsay that Simon might be leaving. I’ll give a huge “HOORAY” for anyone who hates him, and a “BOOOOO” for anyone who likes him.
  • It has been reported that Steve Jobs, while on medical leave, is looking over things that have to do with a “kindle” sized apple product! what could it beeeee????
  • ALSO! This video is effin RIDICULOUS! I almost spit my food out. It’s also slightly hilarious that these kid’s embarrassing home videos are all over the internet to see! YES! Go parents! way to take advantage of technology :)

WELLLLLL kids, that’s all for now. I got a new “New Scientist” magazine in the mail today so hopefully I will formulate a meaningful post in the next day or two. BYE :D