The Caylee Anthony case

Small update. If you’ve been following the Caylee Anthony case, then I’m sure you heard that they found a little girl’s skull in a garbage bag that was bound with duct tape 40-60 feet from her grandparent’s/caylee’s mom’s house. The meter man found it, while doing meter-reading stuff and reported it. The area was evidently under water earlier in the search, hence missing it prior to Thursday. The hair color and anthropological measurements are that of little caylee, but they aren’t releasing definite statements yet. They also found more bones in the woods nearby… So sad. What is scary is that the child’s remains were found a few miles down the road from where we live. It makes me sick to even think about it. She’s been charged with 1st degree murder and may be sentenced to life in prison. I hope the little sociopath is.. I knew from the beginning of the case that she had killed her, especially after all the evidence that started coming out. Their house has been entered via search warrant so I suspect we’ll get answers this week once the remains are fully processed.

This was a total damper on my happy little blog, I know. (sorry again Jenna haha this is the second time I’ve ruined your morning with this sick case). But I’ve spent hours being sucked in to the case files and transcripts of her jail coversations etc. It’s hard not to me consumed by a case like this that is going on a few minutes away. My law professor received so many emails in the semester about it and has refused to keep answering any kind of questions. ANYWAY! Now I guess I should invigorate your mind with pleasant thoughts, such as puppies, rainbows, my little pony and the like. Maybe even sunflowers.

I will now return you to your regularly scheduled lives. ’til next time. PS! Told you I would say I’m too busy to write, when indeed, deep down, I knew I would have time :)