so 1)I would totally like to say that my website has turned into a place where I “blog about my ideals” unfortunately (thank you for the terminology adam and jaimie… and the twix commericlal haha). I don’t like that it’s taking that direction, since this is supposed to be more of a website than just straight “blogging” (god I hate that word). We’re leaving back for florida either tomorrow or saturday, so then I can get on redoing my website and making it more tailored to an ACTUAL website and not just a blog. I did want to say that I had a fun photoshoot with Cristina (CMPphotography… website coming soon) while I was home and those pictures should be up soon. Once they’re up, I’ll be throwing them into my gallery (which also needs a major update). Check back for a(nother) major overhaul of my website.
….2)… I just realized that I do not have a 2.
I’ll leave you with this-