Social Media Blackout?

I came across something today about a social media blackout. I have a few things to say about this.

1. By saying that colleges need a social media blackout day, you’re implying that excessive use of social media could be a problem. I totally agree. But a blackout? REALLY? I somehow don’t think this is going to help whatsoever. It’ll mainly just piss off college students. Do I smell a riot?

2. Please tell me that someone remembers TV turn off week in elementary school? You can definitely tell we’re in the 21st century now by what we’re limiting ourselves from. Back then, you got these fun packets to draw and doodle on while you did your TV blackout.

So now what…? Are kids going to be watching TV in their dorms to make up for the social media ban? Wonderful, educators. So well thought out.

3. This certainly cannot translate into a global thing. What about Internet marketers such as myself? I pretty much live online, all day long. If there is something so wrong with utilizing social media often, then I should probably be cuffed and thrown in jail by now.

4. Do they think this will really work? Perhaps proxy servers could get around this or services from could also help with this.

Anyway. I still have writers block. Sorry… guess you’ll have to look for something interesting another day :)