snow leopard pre-order! the [wild] cat is out of the bag!


Snow Leopard for Mac is officially here! I feel like I’ve been waiting since last year to get my little hands on this!!

Snow Leopard will be available to purchase on August 28th, but pre-orders are going on currently. You can order for $29.95, or upgrade for $9.95 if you purchased your laptop after June 8th. Unfortunately I upgraded my old macbook to the aluminum one in December so I don’t get that cheaper option. I can’t decide if I want to do the pre-order or wait until it comes into stores. I just decided to order it because it’s such an awesome price so you can count on me doing a review as soon as I get it next week! If you want to know more about snow leopard and why I’ve been dying for it to come out, please visit apple for more information. or pre-order here.

  • G. Tsao

    I do not own a mac. Which you know. However your blog misleading lured me in by promising me that I could pre-order a snow leopard, which I do very much want. So give me one now please. On account of they are preeeeeeeeeeetty and fluuuuuuuuuuuffy, and BADASS. k thanks.

    G. Tsao Over and Out.