it's like having a little sous chef sidekick in the kitchen!

I just read something in new scientist that I thought was interesting… I have also just realized how many posts I’ve been starting with that tag line lately. I feel bad cause I haven’t written anything on par with my usual stuff in about a month, but honestly I’ve just been stressed and swamped and my brain isn’t ticking correctly. Finals are in 2 weeks, and then I’m free as a bird! I just bought and downloaded the MacHeist bundle, and it’s absolutely magnificent!! For one, it comes with this program named SousChef, which has over 800 recipes that are updated all the time.. AND IT TALKS TO YOU! That’s right, it’s like having a little souschef sidekick in the kitchen while you’re cooking! I need this! It’s just too bad it can’t monitor what you’re doing and say “HEY! YOU’RE BURNING THAT! GET BACK TO THE SKILLET YOU HORRIBLE BETTY CROCKER YOU!”. Because that would help me focus so I don’t burn my house down. We don’t have a fire extinguisher in here, although from the way I cook, you would think I hide them in every possibly nook and cranny. You can also pick out a meal and it writes up a grocery list for you to take to the store! This is amazing because, as we all know, i LOOOOOOOOOOVE food!!!!! And hate making grocery lists! Now I can cook all this crazy, weird, exotic, otherworldly-like food without sending either of us to the hospital for food poisoning or 3rd degree burns! HOORAY!

… I realize I may have scared some of you off with that little kitchen tangent. I’m not that bad. Honest. I have a habit of over-exaggerating my horrible cooking skills, so next time we host a party don’t hesitate to come! You’ll leave with all your eyebrows I promise.

It also comes with this program called HitList.. which is an organizer. I don’t have to say much about that one. Mrrrr. Espresso is great too, not only because it has the name of a delicious beverage that I love, but because it’s a very well orchestrated code editor. I don’t really know all too much about coding, just the basics, but thanks to shane’s genius and my quick learning, I can pick up his books, ask him questions, absorb it, and ride his little coat-tails! The other programs included are:

Bundle Contents


iSale $39.95
Picturesque $34.95
SousChef $30.00
World of Goo $20.00
PhoneView $19.95
LittleSnapper $39.00
Acorn $49.95
Kinemac $299.00
WireTap Studio $69.00
BoinxTV $199.00
The Hit List $49.95
Espresso $80.00
Cro-Mag Rally $19.95
Times $30.00

All of those programs are only $39.00 [over $900 value], and you can donate to the charity of your choice if you buy the bundle… so if you have a mac and have a use for any of these applications (you can find out more info on the macheist website linked above) then go do it! It rocks!

SO! Back to this article I read. It was stating that in a recent study, people are more apt to make rash decisions on risky business when exposed [even momentarily] to a smiley face or a person smiling. They simulated a real world stock exchange in a game-like manner, with bonds and risky stocks. Before making a decision, some participants were shown a smiley face and some were shown a face with no emotion. The ones who were shown the smiley face were more likely to choose the risky stocks over the safer bonds. If you think about it, it makes sense though.  Seeing a cheerful face, or an encouraging face, can often times make you act hastily or without thinking. The goodness rubs off on you, and you just think “why not! why not risk everything! who cares! for some odd reason, I feel good! I wonder what it could be!”. It’s just amazing that even if they were shown it so quickly that only their subconcious picks up on it, they still acted on it. If somebody smiles at you and coaxes you into riding a skateboard down a practically vertical incline, you’re more likely to participate in the activity! Of course, if they’re smiling like that, chances are they’ll probably just push you down the hill to begin with. I still can’t believe I survived that downhill excitement on a skateboard! I thought for sure I would hit a crack in the sidewalk and eat pavement….

But yes, the human mind is fascinating, especially when it picks up on the subliminal so easily. Of course, America is extremely low on risk-aversion, and we tend to take more risks than any other country. That also explains our stupidity. Think Jackass. (The TV show… I wasn’t calling you a jackass, or telling you to think. Unless you’re not thinking. I think you know what comes next).

In the case of the Jackass boys…I suppose they don’t really need a smiley face to encourage them lol.