Rubix Cube Captchas & Bad Model Homes

I thought this was perfect for my WTF Sunday.

Captchas are evil. Honestly. Half the time I can’t even figure out a Captcha because I think there’s some kind of weirdo trickery going on. Since when do they use DASHES?! Maybe they always have but I’ve never come across them.

This showed up on my iPhone when trying to login to LinkedIn via a browser and not the mobile app. This is one hell of a Captcha to figure out on a teeny tiny screen, not to mention the word that they’re using is probably only in 10% of all people’s vocab..

engendering – present participle of en·gen·der (Verb)
1. Cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition).
2. Beget (offspring)

Then there’s this that I came across when looking at houses in some rental magazine. Tell me what’s a little peculiar about this one. I’ll give you a chocolate cookie if you’re right…

YEAH! No driveway. This isn’t the Jetson’s! We can’t magically hover into our garages. What is going on with this model home!? I suspect they were too cheap to pour the driveway. Silly, silly model home makers. *Sigh*

  • Peter @ideasbubble

    Damn, i hate captchas. Even worse, when your forced to fill in a huge captcha and either you get it wrong and have to do it again or the page doesn’t load. So annoying. Why don’t people just use the simple maths method.

  • Selena Narayanasamy

    tell me about it! and I ALWAYS get them wrong.