Okay, we all know that I love business-y books that focus on the off beat and non-corporate culture way of getting things done and working effectively. We all know that certain office environments are stifling and not everyone works the same.

We also know I’m a weird worker- meaning, my peak work times are very early morning and super late at night. I work at the office all day but I really get creative and down to business when it gets near midnight (not a very endearing quality when I have to wake up at 6 or 7 am).

I don’t believe in managing in the typical way – I believe creativity is important and I think that as long as work is getting done efficiently and deadlines are met, that the “getting there” part can be open for interpretation and a learning curve.

I believe that confrontation shouldn’t be avoided ALL the time- I’m a firm believer that sometimes constructive conflict (especially in creative or strategy fields) can bring out the best and strongest ideas in people and teams.

I believe brainstorming can be valuable and a change of scenery (working in a coffee shop or even in a different room) can open up our minds to new thoughts. Our generation is not a generation of white dress shirts and cubicles. I can get right down to business in my Zoo York hoody if need be.

I think our generation is making a new office culture and that’s important; we spend 8 hours (or in most of our cases, more than 8 hours) a day in the office working. We need to work in the way that’s best for us. Pretty much, I’m not typical- and that’s fine with me and I believe it fits right into this industry that I love so much.

So this book, REWORK (37signals) is something that I’m DYING to get my hands on. I’ll probably go out this weekend and get it- it actually has me as excited as I was about ‘Making Ideas Happen.’


  • Marcos Ametller

    Its a good one, specially if you are starting a smallbiz. My favourite was the “get it out there, launch now!” chapter, as many others just raw reality.

    • Selena Narayanasamy

      I agree. The more you wait the less guts you have and the more fear/reality sets in. But I’ve always been the type to jump in rather than just get my feet wet so I’m sure that explains my view point (and I assume you view it somewhat the same way)