Post-It Mayhem [video]/Mona Lisa comprised of caffeine.

video below

Let me start this off with a personal declaration; stating something that most of you who know me [or read my website] already know. I LOVE POST IT NOTES! I have all different colors, use them haphazardly, as well as include them in anything I can in and around my desk. There may or may not be blank ones hanging around as well just for the sole joy of peeling them. If I could materialize 3M into a human, I would probably hug and squeeze them tightly… and make them my personal office slave helper.

[note: slight exaggeration there in case a genius or two couldn’t pick up on that]

browsing the interwebs, I stumbled across this amazing stop-motion post it note video. This probably took hours upon hours and is really impressive. Impressive as in I wish I thought of it first. BEHOLD! With a great “thanks for the awesomeness” to Bang-Yao, I bring you, the sneaky post-its caught on video. Someone needs to squash that smiley bomb. Continue reading for the Mona Lisa coffee cup art.

Deadline by Bang-yao Liu. from Umberto Cigognini on Vimeo.

Here’s another great example of art through a different median. This Mona Lisa, on display at the Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia, was created using 3,604 cups of coffee with various amounts of coffee and creamer contained in them for her shading. Whoever was behind this put in A LOT of hard work to make this work of art. It’s a modern day take on an old masterpiece.

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