Oh Groupon, You Humor Me

I unsuscribed myself from Groupon’s emails (stop it. Don’t judge me) so I went to the bottom of the email and hit the handy dandy ‘unsubscribe’ feature.

I must say, I’m a sucker for little fun pages or advertising you find within a website (Just ask me about Pickles the Panda) so it amused me greatly when I got sent to this page for attempting to be unsubscribed:

Naturally, I wanted to punish Derrick. Call it the New Yorker in my but I suspected it could be fun. How dare he assume I’d want to receive daily emails?! (Just kidding. I’m not dumb enough to ignore the fact that I WANTED these emails, originally).

I suggest you all unsubscribe immediately to see what happens to him.

You gotta love their little guilt trip, too. Bravo Groupon- I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I was actually glad I unsubscribed because I got to see this fun madness! :)

Have you ever come across any fun pages like this? If so, what brands do it? I love checking them out- even if it means adding and then removing myself on purpose.