Namesake: Professional Conversation

I recently got invited to try out Namesake, and I must say… it’s pretty awesome.

Namesake is place for professionals (entrepreneurs, to designers, to scientists) to gather together and create conversation. It’s different from LinkedIn for a few reasons.

For one, the interface is just amazing. It’s very inviting and well laid out. They definitely kept the clutter to a minimum, which is something I hated about LinekdIn and part of the reason why I don’t use it.

The user info is simpler- it asks for your position, what you’re working on, what you’ve been doing, and has them laid out on separate tabs so that you don’t have to scroll down… and down…and further to view everything. Very clean and user intuitive.

They have endorsements, like LinkedIn as well, but you can endorse for a field (IE: social media) as opposed to for a particular present or past job. This community is more reliant on your skills and capabilities rather than solely what your job is. I like it- if you wear many hats, this community will be great for you.

Some other components of Namesake?

  • Private messages
  • Auto-refresh streaming conversations
  • Ability to follow others according to your “expert” skills- and a scroll over box to see the amount of other “experts” in Namesake

  • Ability to upload videos to your profile
  • Ability to tag other people and invite them into conversations (they get an email notification)
  • Opportunities in each expertise

and tons of other features that you’ll just have to play in Namesake to find out :)

I feel like this community is more centered around those that are innovative professionals encouraging progress rather than the blase feeling I get when I open LinkedIn.

As I dive deeper into Namesake and participate more in the conversations, I’ll be able to update here and give my take. For now, I absolutely rank it high for communities that have captured my interest.

I’ve been participating in some great conversations on the entrepreneurial side about investors, work habits, etc and it makes me feel good to get my head back into entrepreneurial thought. Also, it’s cured my writer’s block.

And for this, I thank thee, Namesake.

If you’d like to follow me on Namesake, you can find me here.