My house is strange. and likes lotion.

You may have noticed on my personal blog that there’s been lots of weird going-ons at my house the past few weeks. I thought I would share it on this site too… either for some comic relief (for all you nay-sayers) or intrigue from anyone who has had weirdo situations like this happen to them.

First, let me preface this by saying we always keep the door to the bathroom shut. Mainly because the puppy likes to steal old qtips from the trashcan (I like to think she’s hinting to us that she wants her ears cleaned but really she’s just being a nasty puppy with no regard for germs) and she likes to lay on the bathmat and get hair everywhere.

We went to bed last night, with the bathroom door (in our master bedroom) shut.

Now, I keep this huge vat of lotion by the sink (aka, a really ridiculously large bottle) and it hasn’t moved from there since.. well, not since we hired servicemen who perform bathroom remodeling in Everett Washington. I barely use it because I bought it as an emergency and got the cheapest kind called doesntworkthatwell. I have pretty smelly stuff I would rather use, and the boyfriend clearly doesn’t want to smell like cocoa-y chocolate crap, because even I don’t want to, and I’m female.

We both go to bed last night, as I was saying, and I awoke this morning a little after 6 to go to the gym, with nothing out of the ordinary going on. I went into the bathroom and noticed something was missing.


I looked around, baffled, because clearly it was there before bedtime (as usual, like good trusty lotion thatnevergetsused should be) and CLEARLY it does not have legs, as far as I know. I scratch my head and keep looking around, thinking MAYBE because I was pre-coffee, perhaps my cognitive senses weren’t at their sharpest. THEN…. I spot it in the wild. My lotion was sitting on a shelf, in the shower. As dry as it could be. With the shower door slid open just enough so that it could either 1) jump in there to cause mass confusion, or 2) get moved there by whatever weird thing is responsible for dimming, turning off and turning on the lights at night.

You should also note that I’m extremely OCD about random things and I always make sure the shower door is completely closed. Because I may, or may not be, slightly crazy.

let’s recap.

1) sleep with door shut, lotion in place, shower door closed.
2) wake up, bathroom door closed, lotion in shower, shower opened approximately a half a foot.

I think I have a weird haunting going on. What do you guys think? Mind you, lots has happened prior to this.

  • Peter @ideasbubble

    Maybe you just misplaced it previously, or you though it was were it should have been and it wasnt. :P

  • Selena Narayanasamy

    I wish that were true but there’s no way! The night before it was in the usual place (where it NEVER moves from) and the next morning it was in the shower. Lol. AND if I put it in the shower (we can entertain that thought), I would have had to close the shower door because it bugs me :)