Dreams of Sharks

I’m very big on dreams. I fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) dream every single night. I’ve had crazy dreams of an Anubis and woke up drained of all energy not able to lift a finger. If you look up the history on them in Egypt they would have the ability to drain energy from people. Yeah, needless to say, I don’t sleep very well.

I’ve also had dreams of things that have happened the next day, or a few days later. It might sound dramatic, but it was very specific and the details of my dream were recreated.

So when I dream, and it sticks in my head, I pay attention.

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A Prelude to Accomplishment

Do you ever stop and think to yourself… “What the hell am I doing?”

Are you accomplishing everything you wish to accomplish? Are you learning what you long to learn? What do you do when you can never feed your thirst for accomplishment and have the urge to keep going and learning- never self satisfying?

Do you believe in fate and chance?

I believe that there are many different endings for us all; and many different paths. I think each decision we make, or each decision made for us, can send us spiraling down a different path. What do you do when, what you see for yourself is not what others see for you? When should you stop fighting for what you want to accomplish and want even when the path looks so long?

Easy. You don’t.



Okay, we all know that I love business-y books that focus on the off beat and non-corporate culture way of getting things done and working effectively. We all know that certain office environments are stifling and not everyone works the same.

We also know I’m a weird worker- meaning, my peak work times are very early morning and super late at night. I work at the office all day but I really get creative and down to business when it gets near midnight (not a very endearing quality when I have to wake up at 6 or 7 am).

I don’t believe in managing in the typical way – I believe creativity is important and I think that as long as work is getting done efficiently and deadlines are met, that the “getting there” part can be open for interpretation and a learning curve.

I believe that confrontation shouldn’t be avoided ALL the time- I’m a firm believer that sometimes constructive conflict (especially in creative or strategy fields) can bring out the best and strongest ideas in people and teams.

I believe brainstorming can be valuable and a change of scenery (working in a coffee shop or even in a different room) can open up our minds to new thoughts. Our generation is not a generation of white dress shirts and cubicles. I can get right down to business in my Zoo York hoody if need be.

I think our generation is making a new office culture and that’s important; we spend 8 hours (or in most of our cases, more than 8 hours) a day in the office working. We need to work in the way that’s best for us. Pretty much, I’m not typical- and that’s fine with me and I believe it fits right into this industry that I love so much.

So this book, REWORK (37signals) is something that I’m DYING to get my hands on. I’ll probably go out this weekend and get it- it actually has me as excited as I was about ‘Making Ideas Happen.’


Email Updates

Helllllo. So, I’ve decided to give users the option to opt-in for fun little newsletters or update emails. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you… I know how annoying it is.

Many of you signed up through my feedburner account already, so if you’re interested in signing up for updates and/or newsletters, you can do so on my Esvienne facebook page.

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Taking control.

So I’ve had this blog for a long time. almost 4 years to be exact.

In this time, It’s changed from a personal blog, to a science and tech blog, to a tech blog, to a social media blog. And then, it died.

I started listening to advice from people on what to do with it, what direction to take it, what to put or what not to put on it. And in the process, I feel like the whole motivation behind the blog died.

No longer will I wait til some great news comes out to write something. No longer will I pretend to chase down something that is probably regurgitated on 80 billion other blogs. Yes, I work in the internet marketing industry, and as such, my blog should reflect that.

But you know what? I guest blog my thoughts and strategies for internet marketing on plenty of blogs (our BlueGlass blog included) and I really don’t have the time or effort to make this into some “top social media blog”- and it doesn’t need to be.

My time is going where it should be- work. I can’t sit around and blog all day about the industry because I’m (happily) working in it and learning everyday.

I like tech. I like advertising. I like science. I like ridiculousness. I like stupid videos. I like serious stuff. I like music. I need an outlet for this otherwise who would I be? A shell of who I am?

I like what I like, and I really think that this blog (branded after myself) should reflect that. I feel like this blog, like other interests or passions of mine, has been skewed to what I do on the daily and not necessarily reflective of the direction I want to go.

So, in order to take charge of everything in my life, I’m starting with this blog. I’m going to learn what I want to learn. I’m going to find a way to make it.

No more distractions. No more wasting time. No more letting other people decide things for me. I know what I want and I just need to have tunnel vision. All this sidetracking and wondering what other people want to see on here is going to be my doom.

Like this change, or not, I don’t care. I’m sure you’ll be back to read anyway.

Some changes are afoot

As some of you may have seen on our latest announcement on the BlueGlass blog, our company has totally gone through a complete reorganization and restructuring in order to move in the direction we need to and adapt ourselves to perform the very best we can.

I won’t go into the details here (since you can read the announcement) but with the changes, we’re all moving around and getting hyper focused. I, too, will be moving around a bit in the restructuring so that I can really get down and help us move forward in high gear. By focusing myself into my role I can really keep the area that I’m working in strong and propel it forward.

A restructuring is always difficult to get used to (and tough when you have to part with some awesomely amazing people), but moving out of my old role and into my new one will be exciting and in line with how we’re reorganizing for success. :)

Stay tuned!

Foot in Mouth Syndrome and The Solution To It

Oh, foot in mouth syndrome. We all inflict suffer from this- and if you say you don’t, you’re probably not even aware of it.

I’m a foot in mouth offender almost on the daily, it seems. And this used to bother me all the time. I would spend a lot of time crafting what I wanted to say. It’s not because I would speak faster than I was thinking, it’s quite the opposite. I would be thinking so much (and so far ahead of myself) that I simply don’t have time to really be in the moment with what I’m talking about.

Problem number 1.

And often times this can come off as arrogance, confidence, or aloofness. Really, it’s hit or miss. Nobody likes short answers, nobody likes to hear the bare bones of what you’re trying to get across. Nobody likes the nitty gritty.

People like fluff.

They like that extra added floofy stuff that kind of masks what you’re trying to say; when in all actuality, you’re not doing them a favor at all with this- in both a personal and professional life.

With that said, if you don’t give people fluff, they don’t know how to take it.

Problem number 2.

Now don’t get foot in mouth and haste confused. Saying things in haste is wrong- if you’re responding quickly, negatively and intentionally to something, that’s haste.

If you’re simply responding to something honestly, that’s foot in mouth syndrome. I never say things in haste (anymore) though I was very guilty of it way back when I had a really short temper. I’m become pretty zen in my old age. haha.

So what’s the cure to this foot in mouth syndrome that I speak of? It’s a simple cure (and probably not the right one, but it’s the one that I’m going with) and not something that will take a major personality of lifestyle realignment to successfully complete.

Stop letting it bother you.

Foot in mouth syndrome actually has some similarities to the Schrodinger’s cat scenario. If you say something that’s questionable, and no one hears it or sees you say it, is it really offensive? Is it in a state of limbo until the words are heard?

Are there two realities existing until one of them is made definite- instantly transforming it from a string of words into a sentence that isn’t received well?

Possibly. Or maybe I just miss quantum theory.

But when it comes down to it, life is too short to spend time regretting how you’re crafting your words. Those around you should already be accepting to who you are and if you’re constantly regretting things that come out of your mouth- don’t sweat it.

There’s too many people in this world that only say things how others want to hear them. We need to break this barrier down with those close to us, or those we spend lots of time with. Again, life is too short.

Unplggd- New Obsession Alert.

I think it’s safe to say that everybody out there (both online, and offline) knows that I’m slightly obsessed with coffee technology and gadgets. Also, since we’ve been in the process of buying a condo, I’ve become super obsessed with the fact that we’ll own it and we can do pretty much whatever we want to with the interior.

Hello modern interior design.

So needless to say, when I came across this site (actually, Shane shared it with me) I got sucked in immediately. There’s a site that has both awesome fun & modern tech gadgets, coupled with home design?!

And before you start thinking, “Oh Jesus. Home Design. Martha Stewart, is that you?” you absolutely have to take a look at this site. It’s completely not what you’ve imagined.


Thanks, Social Media, For the Play by Play on EVERYTHING.

This is a lame title- completely aware.

I was noticing last night (as I said on Twitter) that I was literally getting the play by play on everything that happened during the Grammys. Who was winning, who was losing, who was performing, who sucked, who came in an egg (jesus) and I’m pretty sure that it took all possible excitement away that I could have derived from watching the Grammys.

Note: Before you tell me to get offline then, realize that I was working and needed to be online. There really was no way to avoid seeing anything.

Remember when we were younger? And we didn’t have a social network to tell us the happenings on award shows, movies, TV series and sports events? When we would get SO EXCITED to see these, that we would actually plan the night around it? (Well, don’t know about you, but I did. My mom loved the Grammys.)

Now it seems like there isn’t even really a point to watching these things. Even if I wanted to hold off and watch it because I was busy, I can’t. Or at least, my fun is foiled because everyone and their mother has inadvertently told me what happened already.

This is just a little bit of what I found out without even turning on the TV:

  • I knew Lady Gaga arrived in an egg (and had a ball reading all the comments about it) and on this same note, I heard everyone possible talking about the new single released the other day (which wasn’t that great). I remember a time when we got off our asses early in the morning, lined up at Coconuts for the release of a new CD… no leaked songs… no antics…. nobody knew what to expect… we just waited because we were fans. It wasn’t as easy as just “clicking a button” and the anticipation and excitement was so much higher.
  • I knew Justin Bieber didn’t win the award he wanted to (and was upset), but he did perform with Usher.
  • Eminem dropped the F bomb and it didn’t get censored when performing with Dr. Dre (YEAH!! Love this)
  • Rihanna had on a flaming red dress.

And more. So will I watch the Grammys when it airs again? Probably, but really only for the performances since there’s no point in wondering who won at all.

So now, of course social media makes it more fun for those who are watching. You could follow the #Grammys hashtag and see what others are saying throughout the show and even follow those (like little Bieber) who were tweeting before and after the show.

With the Super Bowl, I was online monitoring a few hashtags to hear what was going on around the commercials and it made it exponentially better. It was exciting.

So before you tell me I’m lame, realize that I understand what social media brings to the table, and I’m super glad that we have it to converse with others during these shows. But ALSO realize how effing annoying it is for those who haven’t yet watched something.

It’s the new year!

Well, another year has come and gone. 2010 was an incredible blur. I was in a new town, in a new house, at a new job, meeting new people, attending my first conferences.

The days turned into weeks, which turned into months, which succumbed to the end of the year. I started 2010 with a new job, and ended it with a special tattoo (which, ironically, will probably be on fire many times this year. I didn’t think about how many instances of my number would appear this year, but so it shall.)

I haven’t won the lottery yet, I haven’t bought a house, I’m not sure how I feel about my new town (maybe I’d enjoy it if I made more time to go relax by the beach) and life is generally quiet down in Tampa.

I have tons of resolutions for 2011, as do most people, but mine mainly focus on shaking up my life a bit. It’s not very often we realize how little time we have here and actually take advantage of it. We get comfortable. We stop challenging ourselves. We get content in our bubble peering out at the world. We feel like things will always be good as long as we’re comfortable- always afraid to move to the next challenge or step in life.

We let silly fears hinder our future, we worry too much about what other people are doing. We get caught up staring at other people’s lives through a looking glass (or Facebook) and forgetting we need to live our own. We can’t let go of the past, we stop living our present, we can’t see past 3 days in the future.

That’s not a way to live. So my biggest resolution for 2011? Live it. And let it take me where it wants to. Stop caring about other’s opinions and care about the ones that matter to me. Stop hanging on to fragments of other people and places- let them go. Appreciate what I’ve had but stop letting it tangle into who I am now.

Visit new places. Have new favorite spots. Appreciate little things that make me happy and stop getting frightened by the big things.

Happy new year!