Large Hadron Collider. WE'RE STILL ALIVE!

It’s big. It’s bad. It’s…. the Large Hadron Collider! Brought to you by physicists to re-enact the big bang and also used in hopes of finding the “god” particle(s) Higgs Boson. That’s right, it’s baaaaaaaack!

Now that the LHC is back up and running after a few mishaps, they have successfully sent a beam of protons around the ring of this incredibly large collider. Early tomorrow (saturday) morning they will be attempting to keep a steady stream of particles circulating.

According to CBC news, “CERN says they will attempt this month to smash protons at an energy level of 3.5 tera-electron volts (TeV), or 3.5 trillion electron volts. The collider was built to move particles at twice those energies.”

I won’t give you my physics rambling right now, nor a lengthy article because I’m hungry and need dinner. There isn’t much information available yet, as this just came out earlier this afternoon. Here’s the link to one of the only news articles I found so far. ENJOY :)