It's sad that it takes a tragedy for people to see the good in a person.

So I’m sure by now everyone and their mother has heard about Michael Jackson’s death. It was a very, very sad thing and I feel bad for anybody who knew him. I just wanted to write this quick because I’m actually pretty disgusted with how people treat other people these days. Before he died, people talked about how he was a “child molester”, a pedophile, strange, and all these other things. Nobody actually knew whether these were true, who knows, maybe the parents just wanted a ton of money and he happened to be the target. What’s that you say? He hung out with little kids all the time? Yes… generally when someone had a childhood surrounded by fame, and doesn’t have a normal one, they tend to live vicariously through the lives of others.

My mother grew up listening to michael jackson, so I have too, as well as seen him in concert overseas. He was an amazing entertainer, when you remove all the crap that the media threw into the mix. The media is the media.. don’t believe everything you hear. I am SLIGHTLY disgusted because people who were saying all these negative things about him before he died are now celebrating his life. This is a good thing, in a way, because it shows that people are willing to remember the good in other people and forget the bad in times of loss. But it also makes me sick because it takes something as tragic as him DYING (you can probably call that a total tragedy because he won’t ever be coming back for his world tour that was planned, or for his friends or family) for people to FINALLY just say he was a good person and he was a great entertainer.It’s like having to kick someone in the ass to say “Thank you” when you hold the door for them.

Then of course, there are those negative, pessimistic people who are, for lack of a better word, assholes, because all they can say about him is “Thank god he’s dead. One less pedophile sicko in the world”. Come on, SERIOUSLY? He was just a regular person like you and me. He was a human, a philanthropist, living and breathing. What has happened to our world where it’s okay to completely trash someone and applaud their death? For something that happened to be publicized by the media. Plenty of people are money hungry, and it wouldn’t surprise me if people were just going after him because he was a little strange and had lots of money. He did plenty of wonderful things for the world. Everybody has a right to live, and nobody has the right to celebrate someone’s death. Unless it is Adoph Hitler. In that case I am all for it. Celebrate away.

So for now, I hope you GOOD people in the world who choose to help somebody live on even after their death, are listening to plenty of Michael Jackson. He will always be known as the King of Pop, and his legend will live on just as Elvis’ did. Plenty of entertainers in the music world today say that they would never be where they were if it wasn’t for him. All those awesome dances you see nowadays.. well guess where they came from? Watch some videos and maybe you will finally realize he lives on through everybody, and he helped make entertainment what it was today. RIP and make sure you come back as a zombie to eat everyone who is spitting on your grave. I will leave you with my most favorite, all time best live performance EVER. Tell me this didn’t influence dance today.