I saw a unicorn, an elf, and a rumor about a mac tablet.

First let me start off by saying… why is it “a unicorn”? Shouldn’t it be “an unicorn” because it follows the rule of a ‘an’ with a vowel? Why is unicorn so special that is gets an “a” rather than an “an”?? It boggles my mind. Then again, “weird” is a habitual rule breaker too because the rule goes “I before E, except after C”. SO WHAT THE HELL, WEIRD? You should just be locked up in a room with “unicorn” so you can be rebels together.


Now, on to the mythical apple tablet!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a mockup by Piper Jaffray.


cute and quaint, right? right. good for clumsy people? ummmm.. I think not.

Apple is notorious for having conspiracies circling around them like vultures. We always have surprise leak photos, store barcode information, and people who “know things” but can’t tell us how. This tablet idea has been around for a while, and frankly I hope it is true. The tablet, which is rumored to be released in early 2010, supposedly has their touch screen orders in to be fulfilled in late 2009. The size should be between 7-10 inches (large enough to not be a phone, yet small enough to not be a netbook) with a price tag HOPEFULLY between $500-$700 dollars. That’s pretty reasonable for a super awesome apple tablet with touch screen. Somewhat of a ginormous iphone. This should fit into most people’s budgets, seeing as the average netbook price (without all the fancy features of the fabled apple tablet, except the HP tablet) are a few hundred dollars.

It is meant to be primarily used for web surfing, writing, email, digital media (such as youtube and vimeo) and anything else that doesn’t require the power of a laptop. So now, not only will you  be able to facebook and chat your heart out, but you can send funny forwards and emails, twitter to your heart’s content and feed into your youtube/vimeo addiction. Oh yeah, as well as take care of some work email and other “grown up” things, on a screen that is more sufficient to stare at than the I-phone. Don’t get me wrong- the I-phone is great and I love mine, but you know it’s a tad bit too small when you have to squint to determine whether that little dancing machine in the youtube video is male or female. A cell phone company (AT&T? Verizon?) will hopefully subsidize this tablet, so that we can have a constant connection to the interwebs with the built in modem.

I’M EXCITED! by the time is comes out I will be graduated and hopefully have a J-O-B and can buy one! HOORAY! More updates as I see them.