I have a new website up :)

I have a new website up and running that is geared towards collaboration and networking for anybody in the design/writing/photography/video production/sound production industries. There’s also a place for anybody involved in motion graphics and digital media in general :) Since Full Sail is right nearby, I’m noticing how many people down here that are involved in those industries network and help each other, since since the economy is pretty crappy right now, any extra help is a godsend. The website I started has a homepage which will include updates that I come across in the industries as well as portfolio pieces from artists that send them to me. That is still in progress, so don’t be alarmed at how minimal it is. The forum is fully functional- the link is located on the top navi bar, which is pretty much self explanatory. I’m trying to get people in the forum to share tips, tricks, information, meet each other for possible collaboration on projects, and just network. It is not strictly Orlando, it’s pretty much global so don’t be afraid to register and hop on there. Obviously it’s slow right now, I have less than 10 registered members, but everything has to start somewhere. The few people registered right now are pretty knowledgeable in their industries so don’t be afraid to join and ask/share away. Critiques are welcome too, it’s how we improve.
The website is http://www.colabNOW. net
and the twitter is colabNOW

(creative, I know.) soooo follow that name and stalk the website! Good things are coming, I promise.