How much weight does a website/blog/email address carry?

So, I’ve been writing for a very long time. Not only on this blog (I’ve only had this for about two years) but just in general. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been writing stories, newsletters…anything and everything. This is the first website that I’ve had public (since I didn’t have the capabilities to publish creative writing online when I was 7) and I was just thinking the other day…how much weight should someone’s online website actually carry? To future employers or organizations?

My website is sort of (read: highly) opinionated when I’m not writing about something regarding news or technology. We all know I’m extremely sarcastic, and sarcasm is something only 25% of the world actually understands.  It’s even harder being in Florida and coming from New York because… well… let’s just say sarcasm does NOT fly down here. Everyone is extremely nice and it’s just not warranted I guess. That doesn’t stop me! I’ve tried to tone it down but it’s such a part of me that it’s practically impossible.

Do you think it’s fair for a future employer/organization to look at your website and consider whether or not they will hire you? Is it fair game? If you’re working there, clearly they are going to know you for who you are, so what difference does a website make? We live in such a highly connected world that it seems as if all the lines are being blurred. The rules are different. The game is changing. My opinions are my opinions, and anything I announce that I feel on is here how I feel “in real life” about things. You can ask my friends… everybody knows where I stand on everything. I see this same type of post on a lot of other websites as well; people not being sure if their website should be fair game or not.

EMAIL ADDRESSES on the other hand… I feel strongly about this because I believe this CAN make or break a job interview. I have one email address that I have had for a long time because everyone knows it. Then I have a new one I give out now, with my first and middle name… then I have my school email address. I don’t have any of those weirdo “” email addresses, and frankly I can’t believe those still exist. All my email addresses are @gmail (which is a discussion for another day, regarding extensions) as well as my school via hotmail/live with the extension that I use to send out my resume. I certainly think employers should judge someone by whether their email address is professional or not. I’ve had some good laughs and giggles at email addresses I’ve come across, and I think the days of using a “handle” or “screen name” are over. Even my i-chat screen name is a form of my initials. It’s a new age that we live in… time to adapt!

  • Brian Fox is my private email address! I TOLD YOU NOT TO GIVE IT OUT!

    No, but really, when I go out to impress someone, I send mail from my RIT email address- carries a lot more heft than my silly gmail account; we’re of the same mind there, I think.

    What do you think about professional communication over things like AIM and iChat? Avoid it? Limited basis?

  • admin

    Right, I use my UCF account when I need to do important things. I think professional communication over AIM is a bit outdated- I’ve noticed companies that are PC/windows based generally use msn messenger for some reason. AIM is still looked at as a teen communication platform. I-Chat or Bonjour is used all the time for companies that are Mac based… but I think it’s important to have some kind of professional name on there strictly for work!

    PS: I’m so so so so so so so sorry about giving out your email address. I did not mean to make an example of your poor email choices ;)