holy bug eyes (madagascar lemur)


I just had to put this in here. First of all, I totally overlooked the LITTLE guy sitting on the bear, and thought the bug eyed teddy bear was the weird Madagascar lemur. Even though something screamed “THAT’S not right” it scared the crap out of me. So now that I have that picture up, LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE LITTLE LEMUR!


I found this one somebody’s website (I think it was geeksugar’s pet section). I totally thieved it, and if the person who put this picture up sees this, please email me, yell at me, then proceed to tell me what credits you want under it. I totally just saved these pictures to send to my Jenna, then decided it was too cute to not share with everybody!
Also! Since Shane is wonderful, he surprised me with this very cute and awesome logo, that you will see at the top of my page in green <3


  • http://beachxbit.com Jenna

    I can’t see it!

    and you KNOW how I feel about bug eyed lemurs…

    although I think you actually IMed me these photos… if you didn’t though, please do that. because now I really wanna see them! kthanksbye.