Foot in Mouth Syndrome and The Solution To It

Oh, foot in mouth syndrome. We all inflict suffer from this- and if you say you don’t, you’re probably not even aware of it.

I’m a foot in mouth offender almost on the daily, it seems. And this used to bother me all the time. I would spend a lot of time crafting what I wanted to say. It’s not because I would speak faster than I was thinking, it’s quite the opposite. I would be thinking so much (and so far ahead of myself) that I simply don’t have time to really be in the moment with what I’m talking about.

Problem number 1.

And often times this can come off as arrogance, confidence, or aloofness. Really, it’s hit or miss. Nobody likes short answers, nobody likes to hear the bare bones of what you’re trying to get across. Nobody likes the nitty gritty.

People like fluff.

They like that extra added floofy stuff that kind of masks what you’re trying to say; when in all actuality, you’re not doing them a favor at all with this- in both a personal and professional life.

With that said, if you don’t give people fluff, they don’t know how to take it.

Problem number 2.

Now don’t get foot in mouth and haste confused. Saying things in haste is wrong- if you’re responding quickly, negatively and intentionally to something, that’s haste.

If you’re simply responding to something honestly, that’s foot in mouth syndrome. I never say things in haste (anymore) though I was very guilty of it way back when I had a really short temper. I’m become pretty zen in my old age. haha.

So what’s the cure to this foot in mouth syndrome that I speak of? It’s a simple cure (and probably not the right one, but it’s the one that I’m going with) and not something that will take a major personality of lifestyle realignment to successfully complete.

Stop letting it bother you.

Foot in mouth syndrome actually has some similarities to the Schrodinger’s cat scenario. If you say something that’s questionable, and no one hears it or sees you say it, is it really offensive? Is it in a state of limbo until the words are heard?

Are there two realities existing until one of them is made definite- instantly transforming it from a string of words into a sentence that isn’t received well?

Possibly. Or maybe I just miss quantum theory.

But when it comes down to it, life is too short to spend time regretting how you’re crafting your words. Those around you should already be accepting to who you are and if you’re constantly regretting things that come out of your mouth- don’t sweat it.

There’s too many people in this world that only say things how others want to hear them. We need to break this barrier down with those close to us, or those we spend lots of time with. Again, life is too short.