Firefox 3.5 Official Release… and a video from the canadian.

Sooo ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve been waiting for the official release of Firefox 3.5 … the day has come!
You can find the official download here.
I was using the beta release for a little while, and it’s good but had a lot of bugs to be worked out. I was trying to tweet this about 10 minutes ago using the beta, and it literally kept crashing every time I got four words in. Last night it did the same thing on another website.

Clearly I was being punished by the tech gods for not acting fast enough and downloading the official release before I tweeted.

So! MOZILLA DEVELOPERS! I hope you are hearing my pleas to make sure this official version does not eat itself every 2 seconds and allows me to surf and do work safely and soundly. I have embedded the video off Mozilla’s page explaining the new features of the OR.
IMPORTANT NOTE: His first sentence clearly demonstrates that he is Canadian. It always tickles me to hear someone say “aboot” instead of about. I replayed it twice. Listen carefully and it will brighten up your day!