Facebook to streamline pages (finally)

For a while, there wasn’t that much of a difference between the fan pages and profile pages, other than the explicit “like” or “become a fan” button and ability to customize your tabs/content if you knew FBML and application development. Normal Facebook users don’t know that language (or development) so it makes no difference to them.

I really hated this about Facebook- I always wished that you could get rid of certain aspects and useless boxes hanging around. Well, my dream came true! I logged into Facebook today and found this glorious message on my Esvienne page:

Starting August 23rd, they’re getting rid of those space-eating boxes and also changing the dimensions (to 520 pixel width- you’ll be able to preview your tabs with these dimensions and adjust accordingly) on tabs. Ultimately, this feedback has come from developers and will make their lives (and our lives) more simplistic. Thanks Facebook Developers! :)