Earth's most powerful element

so I was watching this movie the other day called Deep Impact, and it just reinforced what I had already though; that water is the absolute most powerful element. Water is something to fear. It is the only part of nature that can work with brute force that we cannot stop, or force to stop, or bargain with, or put out, or coax with cookies. Once it’s coming- you better run. SO in this movie there were two meteors that are on the path to hit earth. One would cause a massive tidal wave that would reach 700 miles onto land. So I got to thinking. There is absolutely no way to stop an act of nature such as that. For a little while I was fascinated with Rogue waves. They still haven’t established any kind of pattern regarding them, there’s only one live encounter that got recorded, and there is still no way of predicting one. They can literally just HAPPEN when you’re out on sea. A good amount happen per year too, I can’t remember. I think it was something like 1 every 2 weeks. That, in and of itself, temporarily scared me from wanting to go on a boat.

If you think of the sheer power of water, and how much of the earth it takes up, it’s actually a little frightening. The ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface, and is home to 80% of ALL life on earth. This guy below, the myctophid lantern fish, is something that you would find wayyyyy farrrr down below in the ocean.

[3.5.2009 EDIT: I took this image out because a bunch of spam was getting sent to my site searching up for the lantern fish. Sorry.]

We can’t even travel to the bottom of ocean because the pressure is so great; imagine what the hell else is down there! I have some sick obsession with the ocean. It’s like there’s another world down there, and I find it exciting whenever a new discovery is made. There’s just so much waiting to be discovered. The ocean is so pitch black near the bottom (well as far as we’ve been able to go) that you’ll find many fish that adapt to nature and either glow or have amazing senses. There are lots of cave dwellers and fish with huge teeth.

The highest tides in the world are at the Bay of Fundy. During certain times of the year, the difference between high and low tide is 16.3 m. THAT’S FREAKIN HUGE.

Another things that I’m amazing with is a tsunami. Imagine seeing the tide recess on the shore, wayyyy far back. A natural warning sign of an oncoming tsunami. Think of it as a super strong tide that pulls back, then continues onto land with such a force that it can take down a lot of things in its path. They move as fast as 150-200 miles per hour and can be up to 1,000 feet high. The reason that they are so dangerous and powerful is because the wave height is actually mostly UNDERwater. So while you may see a couple of feet or whatever over the water, there’s a huge wall moving at amazing speeds underneat. That’s what causes the recess and then the great tide pulling onto shore. Just a little FYI. Here’s a good website that explains it with pictures. everyone loves pictures :D

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    1. “Water is something to fear” — Amen sister. I heard this quote once (can’t remember where) but she was talking about how her father was like a crazy sea captain (ok maybe not really but some kinda boat guy) and always taught her to respect the ocean. he said: “you have to respect nature, because it has no respect for you.” yea.

    2. “coax with cookies” — Lies. You totally can. I’ve done it before. Ocean = A sucker for cookies.

    3. The first time I happened upon this all I saw was the picture, hadn’t had coffee and it scared the hell out of me which resulted in me almost choking (chocking? MAN SOUP!!) on my coffee. lol. Usually your blogs are so friendly. It should have a disclaimer. “BEWARE! TERROR LIES WITHIN!!!”

    4. Now you know me with the ocean, so I actually have more I want to say about this. but still being in the coffee process I don’t have like … a language … or a function brain. So, Post, I’ll be back for you later!! Until then… try to stay warm, because did I mention OMFG #@*$(*#@&$(*# SNOW! <3<3

    P.S. Come hang out now? plz? k thanks.