Does time really exist?

I know I just wrote an update post last night, but I was reading this article in new scientist (well I’m still currently reading it.. I haven’t finished it) and it sparked my brain to probe a little deeper into this. When you think of time, what do you think of? You think of a set of numbers, according to what time zone you are in, that ticks on and on while you live your life. We base everything off of time; sleep, work, activities. What are we really basing our life off of? This is such a mystery even at present day, that the top scientists, physicists, theorists and philosophers had a recent meeting about what time really means. We have a set of laws for physics that have been deemed eternally true. The universe has only been around 14 billion years; how do we know that these laws can’t change and evolve if we haven’t had them long enough to study any kind of change or pattern? The universe evolves.. and so will time, matter and space.

When you have a clock swinging its pendulum, and the minute hand moving, what is your first conceived though? Naturally your brain links the movement of both to TIME. But what physicists are saying is that there may very well be no time. Or at least no time that depends on matter. What if the minute hand moves in relation to the number of swings of the pendulum, and simply not because time is ticking away? If you wrap your head around it you’ll start to see why time is such a big case to handle. We all know that I looooove quantum physics and mechanics (Which does not mean I understand it all, but I do have an immense interest in it). In quantum theory, time doesn’t play the role of an observable. When we have a molecule, we might observe it doing only one thing, or only being in on state, but in quantum theory there’s an endless amount of directions it could be going. Just because we didn’t directly observe it does not mean that it’s not occurring. In a quantum state, particles move both backwards AND forwards in time. In order to make a correct assumption about the present, we need both the past and future to play a role. While something is happening now, there is something happening in the future that is moving backwards towards the present.

Really, I might sound like I’m babbling, but quantum laws are the weirdest and most confusing things ever. It’s seriously stuff out of a movie, except it’s starting to have evidence to back it up as true. Quantum researchers are beginning to do some experiments and research with electrons and photons where the observations that they were making might be affecting their past. So with THAT being said, if particles can move both backwards and forwards, why do we perceive time as only moving in a forward direction?

The sunrise and sunsets change throughout the course of the year. They do not change because they are bound to time, they change due to the earths rotation and everything like that. If time WAS tied to the sunrise and sunset, then the time would follow when the event occurred. It does not. Therefore the physical events ARE independent of time. So to say that particular events occur relative to time is completely irrelevant. This goes back to the pendulum theory… is a physical object linked to time? Or are they independent of eachother? Does time exist only because we assigned a value to it?

Time is merely constructed in accordance to events or physical things around us. Newton claimed space and time existed independently of one another, and leibniz claimed that time and space only exist as properties of objects and things, and the relationships between them. We all know that astronauts traveling fast enough are actually moving into the earth’s future… so why is a time machine so far out of the question? By all means, ridicule me but I’m just being honest. I think people are so afraid of science because of what it implies. We don’t know barely anything, we haven’t even touched upon the surface of what makes this universe tick. I think we should all start thinking a little harder about it…

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    But I’ll be back in the AM. LOADED WITH AWESOME THINGS TO SAY! AND ALSO! COFFEE!! <3 Because I love yoo.

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    I love yoo?? lol. ALSO YOU! both you and yoo! because I have a big heart.

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    Hello, and good morning. As per usual, I like your bloggy-blog. I have had a cup of coffee and redubb, and so am at least 60% confident in my ability to make something resembling a cohert comment on what you’ve just said.

    first off, some of the theories (a lot of the theories) that you’re touching upon relating to quantum mechanics are highly theoretical. Although I suppose in their defense they kind of have to be, as it’s very difficult subject matter to conclusively either prove or disprove.

    if you really probe into the human definition of time, and try to apply more recent logic or scientific understanding to it, it’s pretty easy for everything to get topsy-turvey. “Time” as we always have known it is a fixed construct. I think, mainly because we defined time before we could really understand what time is. Essentially “time” is a human application. In it’s simplest – it’s a system of measurement of our creation (much like how we measure distance or weight) – we have applied the word “time” to define the passing of the hours, as you said, we use it as a schedule, to know when to get up, when to go to bed, when to go to work, to judge our age, etc etc, and the concept was developed long before we could truly understand it.

    “time” as it truly is (if it’s actuality is even close enough in it’s currently applied definition to be referred to by the same word) might be something entirely different. I think that when it comes to “space-time” we begin to describe something else entirely. You had said “In a quantum state, particles move both backwards AND forwards in time”, I obviously agree that in a quantum state we can observe particles moving both backword and forwards, being in two places at once, seemingly pop up in places that they hadn’t been before, but I don’t necessarily think that this means that they are moving throughout time in the way that we think of time. Does it mean that the particles are travling back and boping dinosaurs on the head the popping up in the year 3045 just to magically reapear in today? I would say probably not if speaking in the absolute. Does it mean that they are flying around in some sort of space or miscellaneous dimension that we can’t perceive? … well they’re obviously doing SOMETHING, what the hell it is I don’t really think anyone can be sure, and before we can be, I think that how we as a culture define things has to change.

    … I actually have more to say on this, but I have once again blogged your blog. lol so I’m going to go blog my blog, and we can meet back up later :)

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