Creepy overload!

So, for those of you who are friends with me you know how big my parent’s house is, and how creepy it was when I was staying there alone. I just came across this lovely video on CNN-

So my parent’s house should not be left alone for one person to reside in.
It’s a 7 bedroom house, three stories (finished walkout basement) and there’s just corridors and rooms EVERYWHERE. It’s not an open floor plan so if you’re in one part of the house you don’t know what’s going on somewhere else. I could yell upstairs to shane while he was staying with me and he wouldn’t hear me.

Someone could prooooobably walk in one entrance and I would have no idea. That is truly scary.

The basement has three doors plus the sliding door to go in the backyard, the first floor has three exits, the family room, living room, dining room, kitchen and 3 bedroom plus two bathrooms, and the upstairs has 4 bedrooms plus two more bathrooms. We had two attics (one off the first floor and one off the second floor) and I would ALWAYS hear these weird creepy noises from up there. It sounded like there were small children up there there who were toddling around, then magically transporting to the OTHER side of the attic and continuing their running. it’s very difficult to explain but if you heard it too, you would see why I described it that way. I spent many nights in my bedroom, which was located on the left wing of my house on the first floor. listening. and waiting. I seriously expected to see a baby (or a large animal) come tumbling out of the attic onto my floor. There was even a night when we were sleeping upstairs in the master bedroom and the toilet seat slammed down and scared the living crap out of us.

What’s ALSO scary is that I was in shane’s mom’s bathroom upstairs. (I’m on to a different short story now but I’ll continue the other in a minute). The door was locked and I was in there doing my hair or something, and I heard the door get pushed. I ignore it, and then I see the knob rattle and the lock shake. I was like “hold on!”- I open the door and NOONE is there. I thought it might have been shane wanting to come in, but it wasn’t. scary. Not like that’s the first time that has happened to me (please see above) but things like that haven’t happened in a while. I expected it from my last house but not shane’s mom’s!

So back to above story. There’s been an amazing amount of creepy things that have happened in my house (I have NO idea how this turned into a scary story. Evidently I REALLY feel like veering off topic today) but nothing could surmount having a physical person smuggling things into your attic and living up there. My attic is creepy anyway so I would feel sorry for whoever was trying to hide up there. I’d probably be happy because they can fend off the toddling babies or flying animals.. or whatever else was up there.

It’s fairly traumatizing to see this video because it could happen to anybody! Imagine having somebody living in your attic and not knowing. AND! stealing your christmas presents! I mean, nevermind the fact that you could be burgled com[completely, but the PRESENTS! SAVE THE PRESENTS! He took their candles and blankets. I would be angry if attic man was cozier than me.

Jenna and I would need paint stirrers and vacuums to fend him off.

SO ANYWAY! I’m still in NY and have nothing interesting to write. I haven’t had time to watch the news or anything cause we’re almost never home. I shoooooould be showering right now cause we have to go but alas, I’m writing. Well, writing/drinking coffee. BYE!

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    nice story, but you did forget to talk about the little boy in a fisherman suit. remember, he used to visit us at night? he used to stand way back at the pool. we only see him at night remember? he was our little ghost boy. when nobody was home, i would sit outside on the deck, with the lights off, to watch him just standing there. i miss that little rascal ghost.i will be watching youuuuuu ,from mystic