Tips for Privacy in the Social World

This is gonna be a short post- just trying to gather some opinions.

Pretty much, I’m going through and trying to re-evaluate how much privacy I actually have online and I’ve been sifting through my online footprints for a little while today. I write everywhere, I’m always trying new techniques and networks to keep up with the industry. But some of them aren’t relevant and need to not be alive anymore. Seriously.

Any good tips on erasing footprints or unnecessary information online that I may not have seen? I’ve seen a few websites that let you check for your name across social networks etc, but that doesn’t help me as many of my old names are under email accounts that are pretty much dead beyond death- I have no access to them.

Also, what are your privacy settings on a lot of ‘professional’ things? We all know (from anything I’ve written) that I’m totally for privacy, but it’s hard to distinguish privacy lines when using a professional name or network.

How often do you clean out your lists and get rid of professional (or even personal contacts) you no longer have a desire to follow? Or do you always keep them as a connection because you never know who you may need to be in contact with?

Also, interested in knowing where your name is registered? Try these out:


Don’t look me up or I’ll kill you. Kidding! …. or am I?

Tips? Resources? Thoughts?

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  • alanbleiweiss

    I’m selective with my contact choices, though not stuck in a box with it. So for the most part, I don’t need to clean things out that often. nnWith LinkedIn I had a company profile that I had to have killed by customer support. It turns out that they let people associate themselves with a company profile even if the person doesn’t actually work there. It was bizarre seeing 3 people I’ve never met attached to it and claiming they work for the company. Yet the only way to deal with it was a special request to support – Even as the company owner I couldn’t manage the listing. nnWith Twitter I like Twitcleaner a lot. nnAs for accounts you no longer have an active email for, try contacting tech support. Most social networks are terrible at helping, but once in a while you can get a rep willing to help you verify you own the account by other means. nnIn one case a while back, I had to go and recreate an ancient microsoft email account that I’d let expire just so I could kill a social profile. nnAs for privacy, Facebook is the worst. Every couple weeks I go in and find out there’s something else they have added to the privacy settings, and it’s default setting is always not what I want. I don’t mind anyone seeing my profile but don’t include me in your Foursquare check-ins, or in the partner networks.

  • Streko

    i like and – but then again I own them both.n

  • Selena Narayanasamy

    Fair enough. :)rnrn–rnSelena NarayanasamyrnDirector of Social Media Outreach @ BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.