• http://beachxbit.com Jenna

    It was bound to happen eventually. We are a destructive, violent little race of creatures. We have yet to come up with a cure for cancer but have had no problems creating an ever growing list of the most efficient ways to kill eachother. We probably ARE all doomed, and eventually we will probably all die off, and it will probably be all our stupid fault. [I’m having a misanthropic morning evidently… lol. hi! I’m happy and will fill your heart with comfort and love!]

    BUT back to YOUR point… North Korea scares the hell out of me.

    HAVE YOU SEEN HOW THIS COUNTRY OPERATES?! I watched a National Geographic special where film crews were actually allowed in, and omg. Everyone in the Country is just blindly submissive to their King. Maybe it started out of fear, or his level of control, but it seems the days of anyone having the presence of mind to question it have come and gone.

    They treat him not as a leader, or a man, but as a God. When doctor’s came in to give medical treatment to their children, the happy parents got down and PRAYED to pictures of the guy. They didn’t thank the doctors – who CURED THEIR BABIES, they thanked the King. Clearly those weird dudes in lab coats had nothing at all to do with it. Their presence there was just some strange coincidence.

    Although I suppose in their case it’s a smart way to live… if they catch you trying to sneak across the boarder into South Korea they will shoot you dead where you stand… or probably lurk, cause I doubt you’re just walking ginerly across the line.

    The entire country is in a hostage situation… it was alarming to watch. A huge mass of people in a constant state of brainwashed/terrified/mindless blobs of praise for a mentally unstable man. Who can blame them though? They guy cures cancer! and causes your crops to grow! and wrestles lions!

    I mean we thought the middle east has problems (and ok they do…) but I mean spend an hour watching people in THAT country and you will have to take 12 showers to get the “ick” feeling off of you. North Korea was a problem that should have been acknowledged forever ago, but because they were not making much fuss (on the account of country being in a state of impenetrable – [sp?] – lockdown and all the people who *might* have said “HEY! WE HAVE A PROBLEM HERE” coming down with a bad case of death [the one thing the King can’t cure evidently] we did a whole big nothing. Until all of a sudden “HEY! they have rockets! and bombs! and hmm that sorta sounds like a problem”.

    But hey! worry not. When the dude eventually takes over the world we’ll be alright, cause haven’t you heard, Kim Jong Il is a ninja, controls the weather and will save your eternal souls.

    Kamsa hamnida, Annyong kashipshio.