Being outside your element

I was reading G. Tsao’s webpage the other day, and she had said something interesting in her “about me” page. She had stated that she likes being outside her element. Now, as soon as I read that, I realized that being outside your element is an interesting way to view things. You know that feeling you get when you’re somewhere you’re not accustomed to? Somewhere that you’ve never been, where you have no idea where you’re going? You’re there and all you feel is the electricity. It’s as if your hair is standing on end and every muscle in your face is tense with excitement. I realized that what she said was completely true. Being outside of your element is absolutely fantastic. All the uncertainty you feel when you’re thrown into an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people, makes your eyes alive with adrenaline and your brain races like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the moment of panic you get before you pull the zip line when you’re sky diving, it’s your heart jumping into your throat when being lowered down into a shark cage. It just IS. Somewhere amidst the chaos and confusion is this center of peace where everything makes sense. The calm before the storm, if you will.

We spend so many days just sitting in our houses… studying, reading, working… that I think we truly forget about how amazing the world is around us. We went out to take a nature walk today by my campus, and it just felt so GREAT to have the sun beating down on me.
Everything was gorgeous.. aside from the lake where these two weird people were standing there all shady-like, and ignoring the charred areas from where my school does controlled burning. It was absolutely breath-taking! Now, I may sound like a tree-hugger but I just can’t shake the feeling of how light and airy I feel outside. It’s odd and strange, like a naughty addiction. Shane on the other hand was in the process of getting sunburned, and wore dress shoes because he didn’t realize that the word “hike” doesn’t involve concrete… unless we’re speaking of the concrete jungle of New York, in which case dress shoes are appropriate and you ARE somewhere that the word jungle was appropriately used (and I know he’s reading this so, I’M SORRY! Don’t hate me :D).

I just feel as if sometimes we get so wrapped up in money, people, inanimate objects and possessions that we are completely ignorant to the beauty that’s around us. Today just made me feel at peace again.

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  • Jenna

    Yes, thats me, brining you ephiphanies one blog at a time.

    OH! and in unrelated news… I’m sure this is probably inappropriate, BUT you know that there are a bunch of people being held hostage on a boat… by PIRATES! AND I AM SURE THAT IT SUCKS, but I can not help it, everytime I hear it on the news (which is like every morning now btw) it tickles me whenever I hear the news casters say “Pirates”. Because really, how often does THAT happen in this century? :-P