Random nonsense

a few random things I observed or read today-

  • a pilot died in an airplane taking off from Naples, FL… and a passenger managed to fly/land the plane and everybody was saved. That is clearly awesome, but I also wonder how many more plane accidents will be happening in the near future? It seems there’s been a ton that have either crashed, almost crashed but been saved, had pilots die, or randomly burst into flames. Seriously. I’m beginning to think twice about flying. They still haven’t said what the pilot died of. Just that he “died”. Way to be descriptive, yahoo news.
  • UCF’s parking garage is RIDICULOUS. I tried to get to class close to a half hour early, and spent that time + more attempting to park. And by attempting, I really mean “driving around in circles dodging cars and trying not to get side swiped or crashed into” because a parking garage full of college age students driving in FLORIDA is worse than any other state’s parking garage… regardless of age. I was late for class and watched my lecture from home.
  • I was trying to cook Asparagus the other day to eat with my meal, and somehow I managed to have oil shoot up at me like it was coming out of a rocket launcher, and make little red dots on my arm. They are still there. I hate Asparagus now. Oil as well.
  • Speaking of rocket launchers- I played the new Call of Duty at Emery’s house yesterday and did awesome! If you consider awesome to be shooting at the ceiling and blowing up things I’m not supposed to just for the fun of it. Psssh. Who says those games have to have rules?! it was amusing none the less.
  • I have a new love for Daft Punk! They were good before, but I had pandora playing a station in my car that had a lot of Daft Punk songs, and I now love the song “technologic”. The video is also alarmingly creepy.. ADDED BONUS!!!!  I will spare you details but watch this if you are truly curious. If you thought steven king’s movie “it” was scary… this will most likely creep you out more. Think: little Jigsaw man mixed with Chucky.
  • I don’t know what to make for dinner. I have random pieces here and there of things I can make, but honestly I’m just LAZY. With a capital L. As well as a capital AZY.
  • Jenna’s laptop warranty apparently does not cover terrorism, war or nuclear incidents. So if you own a HP laptop, try to avoid all of those situations if you want to get your laptop repaired… given you are still alive.
  • I dont watch American Idol, but there is hearsay that Simon might be leaving. I’ll give a huge “HOORAY” for anyone who hates him, and a “BOOOOO” for anyone who likes him.
  • It has been reported that Steve Jobs, while on medical leave, is looking over things that have to do with a “kindle” sized apple product! what could it beeeee????
  • ALSO! This video is effin RIDICULOUS! I almost spit my food out. It’s also slightly hilarious that these kid’s embarrassing home videos are all over the internet to see! YES! Go parents! way to take advantage of technology :)

WELLLLLL kids, that’s all for now. I got a new “New Scientist” magazine in the mail today so hopefully I will formulate a meaningful post in the next day or two. BYE :D

  • http://beachxbit.com Jenna

    1. “I also wonder how many more plane accidents will be happening in the near future?” — welcome to why I don’t fly [sober].

    2. “I hate Asparagus now.” — Clearly the feeling is mutual, good thing you switched to ham.

    3. “I played the new Call of Duty” — West plays that like all the time and got up to get food once at some point for whatever reason, and was like “don’t let me die” and I’m like “I dunno how to play!” and he’s like “just hide me then. SO I’m like OK! and then ran around and found a cool spot and went to crouch and … hit the “throw grenade” button instead. and made him blow himself up… 4 times. Don’t send me to war. We will all be doomed.