I’ve been spreading myself pretty thin lately and as a result, my creativity is suffering and my writing mojo is gone, for the time being. I won’t have a new post on here for another few days. Need to get back my inspiration!

  • Anonymous

    Still no inspiration after three-day rest???nnSeriously, get used to brainstorm with tough schedule :) I currently write about 2 articles a day and you know that’s not I do :)nnOK, kidding aside. I am sure you’ll find your way soon and will continue blogging here!

  • http://www.esvienne.com Selena Narayanasamy

    I knowwwwww! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m in a writing funk. I think it happens to everyone who blogs, at some point in time. Hopefully I’ll get some ideas and time soon :)

  • http://joer223.wordpress.com Jaco

    Hey Selena! I made it through registration. Thanks. I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration soon. Seems you do a lot of writing for other sites that employ you. I really admire you as blogger and for the other work you do. You have impeccable credentials. You seem to have yourself sooo together. I know for me I did some articles for Tr and Bc …a few of them tanked :( and perhaps those ideas my have been better spent on my blog. Wishing you continued success always and in all endeavors Selena … :) nJaco

  • Anonymous

    h this happens not once – it’s happens regularly with me :)

  • http://www.ideasbubble.com Peter @ideasbubble

    Good luck, if your really desperate install the skribit widget and let your readers suggest some new topics.