What do I want?

To go to law school. Like, immediately. As in- right now. I’m almost contemplating taking classes through the summer so I can graduate in December. ::ponder ponder::

I never take summers off though, EVER. I really kind of want to relax this summer and clear my head from the constant schooling; actually ENJOY the florida summer. What a dilemma… I don’t have anything useful or interesting to write about this time around.. I spent my whole day studying for finance. I just upgraded to the new version of word-press. I know! It took me so long! It’s like I live in the dark ages.. or maybe it was just that I was too lazy. Also, the custom theme is still in progress. No longer will I have to use these god awful pre-fabricated ones!

I received a call the other day because my friend in the honor society used me as a reference for a job at citi-group. The guy started talking to me on the phone about her, then he asked if I ever worked in a finance related field before. I said “no.. but I AM a finance major. I don’t know how much weight THAT carries” and he’s like “OH GOD! YES!” (like I was the messiah or something) and he demanded an interview with me for a new office they’re opening in Orlando. It’s not a bank- so I’m not sure what kind of paperwork or clients I’ll be working with, but we’ll see. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome to have somebody call YOU for a job. Let’s see if it’s everything it sounds like though.

Also! I demand that you go see Coraline 3-D immediately! It is this amazing and creepy stop motion film that is extremely “alice in wonderland”-esque. I was consumed while watching this movie. Until the jerk up in the little room projecting the movie decided to turn on those gross yellow overhead lights and let them spill into the theater. Boooo. Make sure you get the 3’D glasses. We sat down, and the movie told us to put them on, so we look at eachother like .. “what?? where?? glasses??? 3-D??” and everyone, like clockwork, pulls their stunner-shade 3-D glasses down over their heads. They aren’t the old retro blue and red kind. Ohhh no. These are pretty damn sweet looking. So… yeah. Go see Coraline and stuff.

Check back.. and sorry for the pointless post. Though I shouldn’t be apologizing.. you’re the one who came here after all :)

  • http://beachxbit.com Jenna

    This is absolutely true. Although should read more like “What do I want to do? Move back to Albany and go to law school with my bestfriend Jenna, as the first step in our ultimate plan to take over the world some day.

    Also, I’m taking summer classes. Starting… now! well not NOW, but this summer. Because I just wasn’t busy enough with “the law”. I’ve decided that I’d like even less free time please, and am adding “law school” to the mix. Because seriously, social life? whats that? who needs it.