Hark! Do I hear "life in prison"?

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If you’ve been watching the news you probably have heard that they think they know caylee anthony was killed by her mother, Casey. Sources say that she killed with intent and purposefully put duct tape around the little girl’s mouth and killed her, proceeding to dump the body. According to the report, the body was in the trunk for 2 days. They linked the hair from the trunk to the body at the dump site.

The forensics reports also states that the child was killed in JUNE. Mind you, she was reported missing in July. Forensics doesn’t lie, but evidently Casey Anthony does. The time frame is not exact, but even giving possible room for error, the body was still dumped before she was reported missing. I don’t really have much else to say on this. As far as I’m concerned, she’s guilty. She had her chance to be proven innocent and she just kept on acting like a complete sociopath. If I was a criminal prosecutor I would relish in the idea of putting her in jail. They won’t give her the death penalty, they say, because they treat parent/child homicide cases differently then they do regular homicide. I’m assuming because in order to commit homicide on somebody, you would have to really premeditate it. I can kind of see the reasoning, because parents can get extremely frustrated with children.. maybe she had an anger issue and she just couldn’t control herself. Or MAYBE (just MAYBE) she really is a sociopath, which I thought from the beginning, and they will try to plead some sort of insanity or mental illness case. Which is silly. She won’t get out of this, it’s been brewing for too long. Good luck in jail because you won’t ever be driving down the main road outside our neighborhood ever again! Hopefully for life.

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