That pesky nofollow attribute

rel=nofollow. Does this look like gibberish? Many of you who have websites may not be familiar with this tag so I wanted to give a brief overview of it. I may not explain this well, so please forgive me ahead of time.

So what does rel=nofollow mean? The nofollow attribute is essentially telling whatever search engine is crawling you, that while you ARE putting this link up on your site for further information or what have you, you are in no way endorsing or attaching yourself to it. You’re not passing any equity towards the other site’s page rank.

Nofollow has changed over the years due to abuse, as most things on the internet do. Before, you have 3 links on your website but you only wish to pass equity towards one of those links, you can use this tag on the links that you wish to leave out. This way, the full amount of “voting power” that would get passed, gets funneled only to the one link that you are endorsing.

Unfortunately now, you cannot reallocate all your voting power to the links you choose, while leaving others nofollow. It will still allocate the same power that it would get, had it been splitting it between all links.

So what else? Well, you can keep spammers out of your way, however, in doing so, you’re essentially decreasing your own “voting power.” Some sites will still crawl and index it, however.

Google does not index pages linked Nofollow pages, while Yahoo!’s algorithm will pick it up. Neither Google or Yahoo! passes value, however, they both will pass traffic.

There’s a handy plugin for WordPress that I would like to recommend, which allows you to make comments DoFollow. You can find it here.