Dribbble for Designers!


I was looking around the interwebs today, looking for new social networking platforms etc, when I came across something called “Dribbble“… yes, with three B’s.

Dribbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbble is pretty much a “Twitter” for designers- you can show what you’re working on in 120,000 pixels or less; it’s called a “shot”. I think the concept is actually really cool- why should people who write get all the fun? I love looking at what other people are designing… mainly because I can’t design anything that looks better than a stick figure. Sometimes I get all Picasso though. Don’t ask.

Dribbble plays off of other ideas from Twitter, not just changing the 140 characters to 120,000 px but also:

  • You can follow fellow Dribbblers.
  • ‘Rebound’ and follow up with your own designs so they are linked as references.
  • Comment….constructively of course.
  • You can “like” the shots (they also took some elements of Facebook. THE HORROR!)
  • You can also search through Dribbble by tags. I smell trending designs in the making.

Follow fellow Dribbblers. Say that 10 times fast.

The only catch for this neat website is that it’s invitation only. Another Dribbbler has to send you an invite so you can join and start participating in the community. It’s completely member driven.

You are allowed to post 24 shots each month- you get more when the month starts. For instance, if you have 15 left at the end of the month, you’ll receive 9 more shots on the 1st to make it 24 again.

I find websites like this interesting, because when they launch you’re like “oh DUH! Why didn’t I think of that? Of course we should have made a visual twitter for designers.” But often the obvious escapes us and we just don’t think about things like that. Maybe we should all start analyzing social networking sites. There’s bound to be something we’re missing.

I actually have a list of features I feel that certain websites are missing and I would like to incorporate it into a new site to launch The problem is, in true life fashion, every time I think of a website, application or cool idea… it gets released. THE WORLD IS READING MY MIND!

Of course there’s ALSO the little problem of me always wanting to start 80 billion projects and burning myself out. One day I’ll stop being so typical and actually finish something astounding. Something good has to be coming out of this brain of mine, with all the ideas I churn around!

So I’ll leave you with this… what else do you feel social networking websites are missing or moving towards?

Time for bed.

You can also search through Dribbble by tags.

Social Media Contests… That Work.

In my trial and error in planning a contest for my company conference, I realized a few things that I thought I would share. First off, my observations came with watching both a Twitter contest and a Youtube contest launch. As you probably have realized by now, the Twitter one was much more effective, and for a multitude of reasons. Let me count the ways.

  1. The ability to click a button to retweet for a contest is quick, simple and invaluable. People will do it for their followers if they see the magic words “please retweet”.
  2. While everyone likes the IDEA of a video contest, not everyone wants to participate in them. It’s a lot of effort
  3. Some people WANT to post a video reply but they are camera shy and/or compulsive about how they look on video
  4. The video contest isn’t over yet, so people could very well procrastinate until last minute to see how many others leave a response
  5. Alot of brands and bots on Twitter re-tweet without even realizing what they are retweeting. The power it holds is AWESOME, however, it can also work against you. I personally don’t follow bots or many BIG companies…if I wanted to get my message out there fast on Twitter I would probably fail miserably.

So that, ladies and gentleman, is my quick insight into why my video contest is not taking off in the way it should. While videos for entertainment purposes on YouTube and Vimeo are taking off, it seems like actual video responses are simmering down. Either that or the ability to click a button on Twitter trumps having to record a video and look pretty/awesome. Who knows. I guess this was a great lesson for me to learn though- next time I need to plan some kind of contest I’ll know what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re interested in knowing more about said video contest, and (::crosses fingers::) you would like to enter for a chance to win a free ticket to our summit, then please visit my post at Search Engine Journal. Maybe you can prove me wrong about my video theories :) Our summit is May 3rd and 4th… you can find more information about it on the Search & Social Summit website.

Also, if you’re interested in reading another one of the many posts related to this topic, visit this article on how to use social media¬†effectively.

How to Tweet Effectively

Twitter. It’s gone from some foreign platform to a household name. I find myself saying, “Did you get that tweet I sent you?” or “Can you re-tweet that for me?” It seems like everyone is incorporating twitter into their brand- and that’s a good thing.

But how do you get the most out of Twitter? What can you do to engage your Twitter followers so that you’re actively and effectively promoting your own brand? The answer is simple:

User Interaction.

Nobody ever wants to just follow someone who only talks about themselves. Twitter is almost as dynamic as human nature. You can reply to people, you can regurgitate things people have sent out into the Twitter-sphere and you can also talk about things going on in your life.

The most important factors to remember while using Twitter are:

  • Don’t be extremely narcissistic. No one wants to follow someone who ONLY talks about themselves… I’ve been guilty of this when I get super excited or wrapped up in something.
  • Reply to people that you follow. Like an article they posted up? Tell ’em.
  • Tweet out useful articles you find for other people in your industry. You’ll become someone worth following.
  • Use programs such as TweetDeck to manage multiple lists and also have a 360 degree view of the Twitter-sphere.
  • Look at trending topics- there may be something useful that you might want to converse in.
  • Pffft. who says you ONLY have to follow trending topics? You can hashtag out your own tweets that follow the same topic. They’ll be easier to search up when people want to follow more of what you’re saying.
  • Also, make sure you have a picture of yourself. Icons work if you’re endorsing a brand but if you want to build your PERSONAL brand people need to see the real you.

Now, like I said before, I’ve been totally guilty of only talking about myself on Twitter. It’s so easy to do also, because you figure: you have this audience who is following you, and of COURSE they won’t UNFOLLOW you (lies!) if you start tweeting more than usual.

You feel like you can just kind of plug yourself and noone will want to take you off their list for it. You’re completely wrong. Maybe on Facebook it’s a little harder to de-friend someone (and a lot more noticable) but people have no qualms about unfollowing you on Twitter. Don’t have such a big head. You may turn out like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Initially holding people’s interests but eventually getting thrown out like bad milk.

What do I want you to take away from this? Engage and Inform. Don’t use Twitter as a tool for shameless self promotion. One day Twitter may not be there and you’re left as nothing but a bad taste in other people’s mouths with no way to redeem yourself.

Have any other tips that you can add to this? Something I left out? I’m interested in what other strategies Twitter-holics like myself might be using :) Feel free to discuss!

Social Media

I’m not sure how many of the people who come on this site to read my articles actually realize what else I do. I have a page linked up there ^ that says “services offered” if anyone wants to take a look. One big thing that I’ve been trying to touch upon lately is the importance of social media for any business, company or individual. It’s highly important to have an efficient social media outlet in order to give yourself a personable, useful and efficient online presence. I don’t think many people (yet) have actually realized HOW important this is, but I have. I’ve been dealing with social media for 5+ years now, before many of you even realized it was around. I joined twitter a few years ago and learned how to utilize it before many people even knew it existed. Of course, there are still people who scratch their heads at twitter saying “it’s so stupid and dumb, why would anyone want to use this?!” because they don’t know HOW to utilize it and use it properly. It’s not just “status updates” because honestly, that’s only part of the reason people follow other people. It’s a way for companies to reach out to consumers, give personal service and make them know that they matter, even though they are one consumer of a million. This is also very important for artists, musicians and networking. So if there is any company/individual/team who is looking for someone to help push their brand along using social media [and not just twitter, there are countless ways to do this that I know of] then please email me at selena.vidya@esvienne.com. I’ve given plenty of people pro-bono help and watched them flourish.

FriendFeed & '4urface'

I just heard a little birdie talking about facebook acquiring friendfeed… and it’s true! I actually had no clue what friendfeed was until I started reading the article. Pretty much it combines facebook, twitter and google etc all together into one feed. There’s actually 58 services (I think, don’t quote me on that) that you can import from. People can not only converse under things that you post, but you can have discussions as well as private groups, so that it acts as kind of a mail-list. You can keep in touch with your relatives this way (if you don’t want them to peek into your facebook accounts!) as well as have newsfeed like good old twitter. I just signed up for it, my friendfeed is http://friendfeed.com/esvienne.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it- I just signed up to get a feel for it so that I could write about it. I like how it’s laid out, however, it’s not very organized. It’s just.. well.. a feed. I don’t really like to have too many social networking sites to begin with so I only really have three linked on there. It may not be worth it for me but we’ll see. I’m interested to see what direction facebook takes this. Maybe it’ll get rid of their “everyone” feature on the livefeed. I HATE THAT! facebook is personal, not like twitter for the world to see. If you want that, then join twitter! geez. good job facebook.

On another note, my friend just started up a food blog and evidently he is an excellent cook, so I suggest you check out his website and even subscribe to it. It has some great unique dishes up! Do it. http://4urface.wordpress.com