I was featured!

I am slowly on my way to taking over the world.

I just noticed this from last month and I have to brag a little, because I’m pretty proud :) This article fromĀ Xyone Digital Marketing Agency talks about an article I wrote forĀ Search Engine Journal and goes over some good points that were in it.

“Digital marketing professionals have been advised that there is a “new animal” in their area of expertise – social media marketing.

According to social media marketing practitioner Selena Narayanasamy, although traditional marketing such as leaflets and flyers may never go away, more companies are now seeing the benefits of using the internet to spread their message.

Speaking to Search Engine Journal, she explained a regularly updated website is just as important as using social media correctly in order to attract consumers.

“While it’s hard to go wrong when leaving yourself open to customer engagement – you can lose out by not having that be a part of your brand.”

Ms Narayanasamy described social media marketing as a constant learning curve, adding that everyone has been guilty at some point or another of misusing social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Among the advice issued by Ms. Narayanasamy is to “maintain a constant and steady persona” when using social media websites for marketing purposes.”