Paranormal Activity… whaaaaat?

I LOVE SPOOKY/CREEPY THINGS! It isssss October after all, the month of pumpkins, apple cider, halloween and GHOSTS! In light of this spookiness, a movie has peaked my interest… has anyone heard of the movie “Paranormal Activity”? I didn’t hear about it before, but now all of a sudden it’s EVERYWHERE! It has a very small budget…. but despite that, I hear it’s actually extremely good! It’s only playing in select theaters so…. if you want to see this in a theater near you, please read on.


They have a contest going on where if the demand for the movie hits 1,000,000 they will have a nationwide debut. This is truly social media at its finest,a bandwagon that every movie lately has been trying to succesful jump on. Take a look at the Paranormal Activity and vote your little hearts out! Let’s get this movie nationwide! I always love supporting these fun little projects.

It’s the little things in life I suppose…. like me dragging my boyfriend to see it >:) WHAT?!?!!? Who said that??? (I know that you’re reading this… shhhh you didn’t hear me say that. YOU KNOW NOTHING about me planning on dragging you there. bwahahahaha.)

So yes, go vote please! If anyone sees this before me (I have it playing at downtown universal but haven’t decided if I want to fight the crowd) then please tell me how it is!