Pony up.

Okay, this is totally irrelevant to anything going on in the world today. I realize there are many things happening in the financial and political world, but at this moment I frankly don’t give a damn. I don’t have time to write about any of that stuff but… to counter act this horridly selfish post, I am leaving this link in here, so please click it when you’re done drooling over the same thing I am: NUCLEAR WAR!

Okay so… CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME THIS CAR!!! DEAR GOD!!! I am in love. When I get my first job I am totally getting this amazingly nasty car. Black stripes on black, shelby mustang gt500. Black rims, blacked out headlights and taillights and dark tint. I think I might die just thinking about it. MY DREAM CAR.