Just some thoughts

A few random thoughts here. I just saw ‘the unborn’… and it had a good premise… I suppose. It wasn’t as scary as I thought (except for that weird upside down head dog like thing, and the old man whose head bent around and he crawled like a crab.. AND! oh yeah! haha the “exorcist” Reagan moment.. THAT scared the crap out of me. But I am an ever loving fan of the exorcist so of course I am bias).

Megan Fox might have been hot in transformers, but she is a terrible actress. Watch this movie and you will see. I also realized she is as skinny as me (due to the fact that they just HAD to put 3 underwear scenes in there..) so now I don’t feel bad about everyone always telling me I’m so tiny. I can’t help it!

Also, watching movies in the theater by our house is like pulling teeth. We haven’t figured out quite exactly the day and time to go yet to avoid either 1) the horrible and ever-growing mass of little children that pile in or 2) the loud annoying ‘I need to talk over the whole entire movie’ crowd. It’s not even one person talking over the movie, it’s everybody! What is this new thing everybody does where they don’t watch the movie and just talk! Everytime I have popcorn in one of these theaters I feel like randomly hitting people in the head with it to avoid telling them to shut up. The whole fun has been sucked out of watching movies here. I think it’s just Orlando. There’s another reason on my list why I don’t like this town lol. We can’t go out to watch a movie on date night (friday and saturday) because it’s as if every child within a 10 mile radius gets miraculously drawn to the front of the theater. It’s like an emo show out there. Anyway. Just felt like sharing! Don’t go see ‘the unborn’.
Oh! and also! See that little “get my posts via email” section to the right? If you would rather get alerted by email that I have a new post up, you can sign through that. I haven’t figured out how to tell who has subscribed to me, so don’t worry, it’s not like I’ll think you’re strange! I find it flattering that people actual read my posts. Well, when they’re useful. I admit I can write about some pointless stuff sometimes, but I guess if this didn’t get person from time to time nobody would come back!