What up links!

ahhh so. I’ve heard ALOT OF THINGS this weekend in regards to the tech world. I’m sure you know I’m just absolutely dying to write something on them but I really don’t have the time.. so I thought I would throw in an honorable mention on some things. For one, this thing is absolutely AMAZING! It was presented during E3. Watch the whole thing and I promise you that you will either be severely creeped out (yet still very much intrigued) or you’ll want to go out and get one because it’s sheer awesomeness at its best .Creepy ‘Milo’

Next up! A little birdy told me about something called “google wave” that is in the works. I signed up to be alerted when it is actually released (it will be later this year) so hopefully I can do a review of some sorts on it. My whole life is basically on google. I’ve had yahoo before… and I hated it. I’ve had live/msn/whatever it’s named now, and yes I liked it too but it didn’t incorporate everything that google/gmail did. I have my school account on live right now but I barely use it. ANYWAY! GOOGLE WAVE! You can read about it here. It will be the end all of all services. It’s one big collaborative site of awesomeness. Do check it out, and sign up. Cause the more people who use gmail, the more fun I can have with them to make humdrum emailing exciting again!

One last thing! I have noticed, in my tech stalking, that facebook will be incorporating user names? What is this, myspace? Seriously. One thing I hate/hated about myspace is how you can never tell who the hell is who because their name is something like “SoUThErN BaRbIe prInZesS thAt wiLL Rock YeR WoRLD”. Really now, facebook? They claim it’s so that you have a URL to give people to view your facebook, but why on earth can’t they just type in your name? I’m dreading this. Please do not become myspace or else I will… well I dunno. I guess I just won’t use it.

I will give my goodbyes in typical myspace-speak. “pEaZe ouT yo. LAWL leave me a CoMMeNt!”.