Stars and moon and meteor showers, OH MY!

Perseid Meteor Shower ’07 Credit: Marc Akemann

For those of you who LOVE science and star gazing (LIKE ME! even though I’m terrible at finding constellations in the sky… ask the boyfriend. He actually had to show me where the little/big dippers were. Yup. I blame my eyesight. Never mind the fact that I wear contacts…but that’s besides the point) you knew that there was a Perseid Meteor shower last night!!!! I tried to stay awake to catch it past midnight but it was kind of cloudy here and didn’t get to see much. It was very disappointing because we watched one last time and saw a few falling meteors. It was pretty amazing. My digital camera has apparently decided to not do the one thing it’s designed to do (take clear pictures) so I didn’t bother to take any. Thank you, little evolved touch screen cybershot that sabotages my pictures.

I did, however, find a few things on “twitcaps” where people sent in pictures of the shower last night (amongst other weird things.. ignore the random images, I don’t know how to filter them out. They must be tagged for the meteor shower) as well as a twittersearch for #meteorwatch. I stalked flickr too and managed to wrangle up some images there as well. You can see/read the events as they were unfolding, both with pictures and word. So for those of you early risers, you can appreciate the brilliance of the night sky without seeking out a time machine to transport you back to last night. Enjoy!
Perseid Meteor Shower Twitcaps

#meteorwatch twitter search

Flickr Perseid Meteor Shower images