Brain Exempt day

It is Sunday, and you know what that means… funday! I have nothing really useful to write about, since I don’t really stalk tech/news on the weekends, but felt like updating anyway. It’s been productive so far. We got up early and went to the gym… made use of their amazing massage chairs (I could get used to that). I did some cardio and did 70 pumps on the leg press at 70 pounds. Was all set to do my ab workouts but I’m still shredded from last time. I felt like something was ripping my muscles apart piece by piece so I decided against that for today. We’re planning on a super early [7 am-ish] workout in the morning. If I don’t update this by the end of the day it might possibly mean that I have died. Send help.

Also, before anybody mentions something about me not needing to work out [MOM!] I do it purely for the muscle and mental benefits. It’s like being on a high all day after working out. It’s amazing.

Ummmmmm let’s see… entourage is on tonight! I’m excited for that. Also, we saw Jennifer’s Body last night. I have to say it was pretty decent. Nothing I would walk out of. It was mildly disturbing with lots of dark humor. The theater spent the majority of the time laughing. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day cleaning. We have a friend coming in town tonight for a little while so we may grab a beer with him.

So yeah. That’s all. Tomorrow I’ll be back to the posting norm. Figured I would write something more personalized today. BYES!

In non-tech/science related news… megan fox.


That’s right! I’M DOING IT! I am writing a post on Megan Fox. And no, don’t expect this to be a post bashing her. I actually like her. The whole reason that I am straying off topic of my usual posts on meaningful things is because I was reading an article this morning that just ANNOYED THE HELL OUT OF ME. Really, how painfully insecure are some girls? I started reading this article called “Is Megan Fox Bad for Women?” and it just enraged me.

As you start off through the article, it is completely biased. Isn’t the whole point of journalism to be unbiased and factual? It most certainly is, and now I am going to break the journalism rules to bring you this lovely post about women and their egos. Do people really enjoy reading an article that sits there and calls a beautiful women “idiotic” and “stupid”? Sadly, the problem is that yes, people do. If you read through the billions of comments left underneath it, you will see a Megan Fox hate crime going on under there. Women will bash, boys step in to defend. Women were saying things such as:

Well, for starters, she admittedly has some plastic parts. That’s not to take away her natural beauty, but with nothing between the ears, a foul mouth, and next to non-existant social graces, you may be able to call her a “woman”, but a gal, a lady she is NOT (let alone an actress). Unfortunately, that’s precisely what our country’s youth need today…they need a dose of dignity & respect for themselves & for each other. Could you imagine if she was as beautiful on the inside as much as she is on the outside? If she worked half as hard on her character as she does primping to be the world’s perfection, she could inspire MILLIONS. *sigh* For that reason alone, many REAL men, my husband included, do NOT find her attractive enough for all the hype she’s getting.

note: I fixed her spelling errors because they were bothering the hell out of me.

Now, let’s pick this comment apart. Yes, she does have a plastic part. That does not take away from her beauty. Most people wouldn’t even notice anything about it. The only reason people know is because of the good old reporters who spew things out for the world to notice. It’s their job. Non-existent social graces? The woman is an actress, do you REALLY honestly think that the light you see her portrayed in is actually her? Do you stalk her from morning to evening to make sure she is using her manners, being polite, and acting dignified? More importantly, do YOU always use your manners, and are YOU always socially graceful and dignified? I didn’t realize people who watch an interview and actually have a magic ball that pointed out what a person’s life was like 24 hours a day. Apparently I wasn’t gifted with that magical talent. The woman’s life is surrounded by windows- the media watches her 24/7. If someone watched YOU 24/7 and you were also sick of being interviewed, I’m sure you would come off a certain way as well.

I also wanted to address the whole “dumb” issue. I’ve watched her interviews. I actually think she MAY be more intelligent than many of you. If you listen to her answers and watch her facial expressions, it’s clear that she’s being sarcastic or just painfully obvious. Maybe it goes over most people’s heads? I don’t know. Lots of my friends are sarcastic [as well as me] so maybe I pick up on that better. Or maybe I’m just not trying to paint the picture in my head of her being dumb to feel better about myself. She might be blunt and say some gross things.. but oh well. Not everyone has the same personality on this earth. Deal with it. You’re sitting there bashing her, but secretly spending tons of time at the gym, buying billions of products for your hair, spends tons o’ money on clothes doing the same thing you’re crucifying her for. Quit it already.

“a gal, a lady she is NOT (let alone an actress)”. Okay, THIS comment bothers me too because I grew up working in a studio as well as doing drama, and anybody who has NOT done that always thinks that it’s there place to say someone is talentless. I would honestly like to see you coordinate, memorize, and act throughout the explosive set of the “Transformers” movie. I agree, that SOMETIMES her acting is lacking (I have been guilty of saying it myself, such as in ‘the unborn’) but to say she is ‘not an actress’ is just a lame attempt at dethroning a beautiful girl who is obviously making lots of money that gets alot of publicity. NEXT ON MY LIST is this whole “Unfortunately, that’s precisely what our country’s youth need today…they need a dose of dignity & respect for themselves & for each other. Could you imagine if she was as beautiful on the inside as much as she is on the outside? If she worked half as hard on her character as she does primping to be the world’s perfection, she could inspire MILLIONS. *sigh*” This is my favorite thing to pick apart. Ready… GO!

For one, yes the media has a strong influence on how people view themselves in this society, however, the media should not be the sole dictator of this! HELLO, young women have FAMILIES, FRIENDS, PEERS. The entertainment business as a whole should not suffer because our society is full of girls with low self esteem. I’m not trying to sound insensitive, or non-apathetic, but to say that the country “needs” a dose of dignity and respect for themselves and each other… and using megan fox as an example of what is wrong with the world only makes me realize that our priorities are in the wrong area. Each and every girl should realize we are BEAUTIFUL in our own way. There are many things behind megan fox that make her seem like a goddess. For one, she has publicity up the hoo-ha. She has cameras on her all the time. She’s in movies. She has money. She has talent. We should not feel any less beautiful, ourselves, because we may not have any/all of those things. Everybody is here for their own reason, and to blame someone beautiful for the downfall of our society/women is ludicrous.  Also- “Could you imagine if she was as beautiful on the inside as much as she is on the outside? If she worked half as hard on her character as she does primping to be the world’s perfection, she could inspire MILLIONS. *sigh*” This statement sickens me too, because really you are implying that the ability to inspire millions comes from beauty. Are you saying that an “average” woman philanthropist who does good in the world could not inspire millions because she is not breathtakingly beautiful? People inspire people by their actions- regardless of their looks. While it’s true “beautiful” people might have more pull in the world, that’s not the end all of our society.

So I think I will end my rant here, because really, I could go on all day about our society, the media, people’s expectations, people putting blame on other people because they can’t handle their own issues and feelings, and the like. All I wanted to end this with is… spending hours writing comments (and believe me, I’ve seen some websites where people just keep commenting and COMMENTING) and bashing someone you will probably never meet, and only stare at on the screen, is a pointless waste of time. ENJOY ENTERTAINMENT FOR WHAT IT IS! It’s up to our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, teachers, leaders and everyone around us to set a precedent for how the world should be, not the entertainment industry. LET THEM DO THEIR JOB!

and one last thing…touching back on this little bag of fun: “For that reason alone, many REAL men, my husband included, do NOT find her attractive enough for all the hype she’s getting.”

I hate to break your little bubble there, dear, but your “real man” of a husband most certainly finds her attractive. Hell, my boyfriend does and I know this! She is good looking! A man is a man. He’s just tip-toeing around your feelings because he knows you will probably attack him in his sleep with a big black sharpie, using his face as a canvas, and riddling his skin with statements such as “megan fox is bad for women!! megan fox is ugly!! megan fox is an alien!! megan fox is a man!!”

Seriously. Quit it.

Just some thoughts

A few random thoughts here. I just saw ‘the unborn’… and it had a good premise… I suppose. It wasn’t as scary as I thought (except for that weird upside down head dog like thing, and the old man whose head bent around and he crawled like a crab.. AND! oh yeah! haha the “exorcist” Reagan moment.. THAT scared the crap out of me. But I am an ever loving fan of the exorcist so of course I am bias).

Megan Fox might have been hot in transformers, but she is a terrible actress. Watch this movie and you will see. I also realized she is as skinny as me (due to the fact that they just HAD to put 3 underwear scenes in there..) so now I don’t feel bad about everyone always telling me I’m so tiny. I can’t help it!

Also, watching movies in the theater by our house is like pulling teeth. We haven’t figured out quite exactly the day and time to go yet to avoid either 1) the horrible and ever-growing mass of little children that pile in or 2) the loud annoying ‘I need to talk over the whole entire movie’ crowd. It’s not even one person talking over the movie, it’s everybody! What is this new thing everybody does where they don’t watch the movie and just talk! Everytime I have popcorn in one of these theaters I feel like randomly hitting people in the head with it to avoid telling them to shut up. The whole fun has been sucked out of watching movies here. I think it’s just Orlando. There’s another reason on my list why I don’t like this town lol. We can’t go out to watch a movie on date night (friday and saturday) because it’s as if every child within a 10 mile radius gets miraculously drawn to the front of the theater. It’s like an emo show out there. Anyway. Just felt like sharing! Don’t go see ‘the unborn’.
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