Technology Apologies

I just had about 8 billion tabs open on firefox because I’m working on some investment modules, and firefox decided to eat itself and crash. I found myself EXTREMELY frustrated beyond belief, to the point where if firefox was a little person, I would have picked it up and punted it right out the window. I will resist the urge to participate in any more little people jokes because I myself am short and that would be rather masochistic of myself. [Look hatfield! there’s that word again! and it has no sexual connotation! hooray!] Just as I was starting to fume, a little screen came up that said:

“We’re sorry! Firefox has experienced a problem and decided to crash! It didn’t consider anything important you may be doing, and weighed all its options to decide what the best course of action was! The decision was to close everything! merry christmas, tada, and all that jazz! You may now continue with your regularly scheduled brain explosion.”

…. okay, so not really. However it DID start off with “We’re sorry! Firefox has experienced a problem and decided to crash!”. At that very instant, my little heart thought “Oh dear. It apologized to me. Now I can move on with my life and not wish to materialize firefox into an actual animate object that has the ability to incur bodily harm”.

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of like the fact that it said sorry. It not only said sorry, but gave me the opportunity to open my tabs back up and resume my happy little mathematical problems. Technology apologies definitely make up for any frustrations felt when 800 hours of your work has been forced to cease and desist. Thank god all the work I did is just SO HAUNTING and ANNOYING that it decided to come back, unscathed, so I can [unfortunately] continue plugging along.

That my friends ends my pointless post because I am too busy to formulate anything worth while until the next 3 weeks from finance HELL are over. Bye bye.

[MB&S. YES! that’s for you<3]